Bozzlife: Last Chance to go out with a BANG!

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In honor of what could be some of our last posts on the Steem Blockchain, let's go out with a bang! This is the perfect time to blow your VP and throw out some huge upvotes before you power all of your SP down.

I've never had a post make more than $50 or so, I was always hoping that maybe one day I would get at least one post that topped $100.

These days with the price of Steem, that has become less and less likely. It was always a goal in the back of my mind though.

I'd love nothing more than a bunch of whales to find this post and throw some huge upvotes at it. Like many of you, I was never that lucky in the past.

So anyway, I am not going to drag this out. I know I can be wordy at times (check out my other blog posts for proof of that). Call this a crap post, maybe it will even draw the attention of @steemflagrewards. I actually kind of hope it does.

Like I said, let's go out with a bang. Give this post a share and a 100% upvote. Don't feel I deserve it? Okay then give some other posts a 100% upvote. I plan on doing it. Let's try to send as many people out with a bang as possible!


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I am still debating whether to keep posting on Steem and on Hive, I was set on doing both up until reading some posts this morning but now leaning towards moving fully to Hive, will read some more today and decide when I do my first post tomorrow

Resteemed and a 50% upvote

I think I am going to move to Hive for the most part. I think there will still be some people that toe the line and I think there are some communities that will just stick with STEEM.

Yes indeed, I will read more today and make a final choice

See you on the other side friend!

For sure!

I was always wondering how people make 100$ worth posts :)

It's not as common these days...