Brain death of Steem

in hive-174578 •  10 days ago 

I admit I am a little perplexed ... Justin Sun has moved earth and fire to try to undermine the old witnesses and now that he has the road cleared ... nothing ... no communication ...


I am amazed that a week after HF and the creation of HIVE, he has not released any comment, no statement of what his team is, what his roadmap or future projects are ... Everything is silent ...

On Twitter he continues to release tweets on his projects but not a mention of Steemit and Steem. The only thing he's done since he got control of Steem is to Powerup the Steemit Inc funds and downvote the content he doesn't like.

As much as he likes it or not, he is still an entrepreneur and should know that to liven up the rest of the community, it is essential to be present, to make his voice heard .. And in the meantime Steem falls in value but above all in interest ... will it become a shitcoin used to do only pump and dump?

I sincerely regret that the name of Steem and Steemit, a place that has been a bit of a home for all of us, is now ending up in ruins ...

Goodbye Steem ... I'll still love you

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Anche l’API è davvero molto instabile, considerato che per ora rimane l’unica infrastruttura reale a supporto di Steem...non è per nulla incoraggiante, spero si mettano al lavoro per sistemare almeno quello al più presto.