Does Successful people are Lucky

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I have seen people talk about how some people are lucky to get that Coin is the low price or a stock at a low price or even in successful people are lucky. I too used to think, but it is not the case, you cannot get lucky in life. You might have heard this quote "Luck favours the brave" or "Fortune favours the bold", this is what is the recipe to be lucky.


I believe along with your brave moves in any part of your life, some people can guide you to give a path to your success. I think networking also plays a great role in getting success, what if you co-author a book along with a renowned writer, what if you team up a hacking event with a great developer, this is all part of networking. On here on Hive networking do play a role, what if you get a follow from a large account and he upvotes you, doesn't it be a small success. And then when we get small success we try to make it bigger and better, to make it a big success. Everything starts small and then grew into something as large as what you cannot imagine. The more people you talk to, the more people you meet, there is an increase in your chances to build more connection and thus eventually to get a lucky break.

The same happens with blogging or any online activity too, you pitch your proposal to many people and thus even if one person likes it and give you a lucky (lucky because you have worked hard for it) break. This will surely become a life-changing opportunity or it will change the thought process which will be a stepping stone of your success. But let me warn you this is not that easy too, you need to work hard to get to that point. That's why the proverb "Fortune favours the brave" comes into the picture because you were brave enough to try it out to get that opportunity if you wouldn't have done it then you wouldn't have got that success too.


Also, I feel the life allows each and everyone, it is just that how we grab it to make it a grand success. We all get an opportunity whether small or big, but when the opportunity arrives we have to use it with all our strength and thus eventually we get lucky. Say for example you get a phone call about an invitation to speak in a corporate world, is it pure luck. Yes, luck was there but played a small part, but it's not purely luck. It is that your hard work has been seen by the one who invited you as well as it was you who have made it happen. The only thing successful people does is they don't wait for lucky breaks, they seek it by doing what they are best at it. The luck comes through Hard Work and persistence. In Hindi, there is a saying "Karm karo, fal ki chinta na karo" i.e. do your work and don't think about the outcome. If you have worked hard enough, you will get the outcome eventually.

If we see the mankind history we have seen that there are enormous success story or lucky story where we have seen that those who have tried hard and moved beyond physical and cultural boundaries or those who tried to move the system has mostly been successful. If I talk about the Corporate world, we have seen that many people do get opportunities to work on something newer, but still they stay where they are because they are too comfortable to have a move. This was the case with me 1 year back and thus I do have changed the course and came out from my comfort zone. Once my manager has said that you should leave your job if you think you are the smartest person in the room always. Why because you are not questioning your ability and thus the challenges you are facing is getting less and less.


Bdw in this pandemic we have seen nothing is permanent, the only change is what makes us more agile. If we have to the success we need to take that first step to break the comfortable wall which we have only made to be able to get success. Thus one thing is that to get success we need not be lucky, though luck plays very little, we need to be more agile, we need to be patient, we need to work hard and thus we need to come out of the comfort zone.

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Nice one, it's the basement you creat and make yourself visible to the world and you your view above all, that's when every reward is called lucky.
And getting lucky at the casino is a game where we are being played. Play smart to grab and walk when you need to or play fun to loose everything you had 😊

In Casino you can win or lose purely by luck, but you should be able to stop playing after some time otherwise it's a problem.

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