Stop Lying

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This is what we have been taught in school that we should stop lying. But this post is not about the actual lessons which we have already taught. I think we all follow the lessons to stop lying because we know lying is a form of cancer. Also, the problem with Lying is that, it does not stop at a single instance and thus it increases exponentially. Along with that, it is a daunting task to cover the lies and also exhausting.


This post is all about Lying to Yourselves, which should be stopped at any cost because to understand the true self you need to know your real self and stop lying about ourselves.

The Defination of Self Realization is

Self-realization means knowing about your self, and not about your name, profession, identity, nationalism, or anything. This can be done just by deep diving in your own's self and find out your own self by self-inquiry. You ave to dig inside yourself until you find out your true self. Once you do realize about your true self then there is nothing left to achieve after that, you ill feel complete and blissful about yourself and thus nothing else matters to you.

We think lying about ourselves will make us even to the world. We try to portray which we aren't. But to attain self-realization, we should tell or seek the truth about ourselves which will bring back real us to life and thus we should stop telling lies to others about ourselves. We also want to show the world what we truly are, people will start liking when we show our true self, you get real friends and relationships.

In my opinion, when we allow ourselves to be more real, we can see who our true friends are and that will bring out the best friendship you can ever witness. Sometimes what happens we try to change ourselves or not show our true self just to gain more friendship but that friendship will not live longer because once your show called friend knows about you, they will leave you for good.


I remember in college there was a guy who was pretty rich and thus there used to be a lot of friends of his and he also took care of their needs just like a true friend. But after a year or half, his father business collapses, and thus he was not rich anymore. Now since he was not able to fulfil all the needs of his friends, there were hardly any friends left. This is just an example that when people know your true self or true state, they might leave you. But what if he did not have shown that he had lot of money, and what if he had gained all his friends by his behaviour. Then even if he wouldn't have money, those friends would remain as it is.

Lying about ourselves is done by many because they think that others will judge us. Just like in social media we show only that information which we would like to show, in real life also we show only certain characters of ours which is nothing but lying about ourselves by omitting information. We try to protect ourselves by any embarrassment among our peers and thus we do an extra effort to make sure that we show only certain characteristics of ours. But I think the relationship needs authenticity and thus the connections which we make with others needs mutual understanding and realness. Though this is a human tendency that they want realness from others whereas they don't want to show their true self. But the problem of showing your true self is also there, some person takes advantage of your weakness. But we need to filter those people as soon as possible so that we know what is best for us.

Also, the advantage you get by opening up is that people around you will stay open up too, they will feel relaxed and thus they open up and share much more to you and thus eventually the bonding between you two forms in the form of friendship or relationship. Everyone has their own problem and thus everyone is battling with it, when anyone opens up about their problem it becomes relatively easier to solve it and thus eventually the stress comes with it gets reduced. People become extra cautious when they are with people, they try to pretend themselves as cool, funny or whatnot instead of being real. People think that its boring to be real, but with this, you are not respecting yourself which in turns making a great impact on yourselves. If people don't like your true self, its there problem and not yours which every one of us has to understand.


Also, I believe we should reevaluate our self-realization every now and then because of the values and philosophies of oneself change from time to time. We as a human being has to be very critical about ourselves like we should observe ourself so that lying about ourselves minimizes. The ultimate truth is, to be honest about ourselves and thus you tend to love yourself more than ever.

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Hi @codingdefined,
I really liked your words because lately I have been thinking that way 😀. I prefer not to lie to other people and then spend energy on not finding out. Being real, I feel free, I feel that I don't have to worry about what others think, I feel good about myself.
This year I have made many changes in my life due to being more true for myself. And when you are more real, you start to realize what is wrong around you and you can start to eliminate those problems. But it is very important to be true to yourself and admit your mistakes. I think we personally evolved much faster.
Hug from Portugal and thank you for your post!🙏

That's true, being real is the freedom which we usually get, and thus you will feel energetic and good about yourself. Admitting your mistakes is the best thing you can do to help yourself.

Lying and covering up. When its favorable we call it covering up. This has been fed into our lives with every instance a conversations we have out ther. But "Do Not Lie" is always kept bold and least followed.
Lying to ourself is bit tricky too. My personal experience, sometimes I keep thinking what is right and what is wrong without finding an answer. May be that's what we need to stop and stick to some well defined principles to judge ourself.

That's absolutely true, it's easy to cover up but it's equally hard to bring that up to the people. Though spending too much time on thinking is equally bad, it's better to do something and then think of consequences when we are really stuck.