An Inspirational Drawing of Lord Krishna

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Hello Friends,


Lockdown has made me busy with Splinterlands battles and some drawings every alternative day.
Here is another one for you all and this time, it's a drawing of Lord Krishna, who is known to be the center point in the great Indian mythological epic, Mahabharata.

Here is a link to Mahabharata:


OK, here is how I started and as usual face part first.



Lord Krishna is said to be the Eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, who is known to have taken many avatars(incarnations) to save the World from evil and destructive forces.

The eyes are the main attraction of Lord Krishna.



Krishna is always seen with a flute in his hand, which he use to play since his childhood and he is fond of butter, curd, milk as he is known to be born in a milkmen family in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.



There are stories telling that, all the Gopikas (All daughters of Milkmen) are self declared to have married him and thus, is said to have 16K wives. But, this is said to be devotional relationship as all the Gopikas treats him as the Supreme God.



The Peacock feather in his forehead symbolizes Purity as Peacock feathers are the symbol for the same and Lord Krishna, even though said to have 16K wives, he was never said to have intended to use them for sensual pleasure, but for betterment of the World, and hence he is Pure in that terms.

Here, the face is being colored in blue. I will let you know about this in next one.



Lord Krishna is always depicted in Blue color, and this is said to be because, the color of things beyond our perception is blue, like sky and ocean and Lord Krishna is depicted Blue to interpret as the greatest of all in Hindu Mythology.



Ah, here is the final one and his eyes, as I said, are the main attraction although I am not sure whether I was able to draw those to the perfection.

The flute is there as well and that Peacock feather in his forehead.



Thanks for going thru this and I hope I am able to give a little information about Lord Krishna with the information I provided with each screenshots I shared.

Please leave your comments and encourage me with your suggestions.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday/Thursday and Be Safe :)


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Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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Thank you @foreveraverage, appreciate that :)

Good Day :)

You're welcome, keep it up

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Really nice this too!! I'm not an expert but I have heard about before! Thanks for Wikipedia link, really helpful!😉
I've also saw your kid, so cute!!🤗
Keep it up!!💪✌️

Thank you!!!

Yeah, I thought that Wiki link will be nice as we all Indians know about Lord Krishna, but people outside will be eager to know much about him.

My son, yeah, he is full of energy, it's always a pleasure to listen to his words, not many kids will speak so much when they are just an year old.

He is like he wants to do everything what we do every day :)

Thanks for all those encouraging words. I have never been this much engaged in comments, but I am happy that I am reaching there now :)

You're more than welcome man!
Eheheheh! Your son seems to be really smart! Great!! Happy for your family!
I think you are a great father, that's really important for him...and for you of course, enjoy him!!!😀


He is smart :)

Take Care my friend

Hare, hare! Beautiful inspiring art man.

Thank you @acurewa :)