Anti Hijacking Border Wall

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Not Trumps wall but at least better than nothing. This is only going to be 10 kilometres long for now.


I wrote a post a few days ago about our leaky borders and then stumbled on some rather better news.Finally something is being done about the border between Mozambique and South Africa. The area in particular is Northern Natal and a hot spot for hijacked cars making there way out of the country.
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The wall will be 1.5 m high and will eventually run for 54 kilometres in total.

Some of the neighboring villages in Northern Natal near the Mozambican border were protesting about crimes as they believe the police are in cahoots with the hijacking syndicates. Could possibly be true or the people are involved so wouldn't know who to believe on this one.



The government has never been too concerned about this in the past as it is creating more money for them. If you think that the insurance company covers the cost of the car then new taxes have to be paid on a replacement vehicle. The ones that suffer are the public as our insurance premiums go through the roof.

Private investigators paid by client to get this car back from Mozambique.

Tracking companies are big business over here and insurance will only cover you if you have a tracking device fitted in your car by their approved tracking company. When they fit the tracker we are not allowed to know where it is installed yet the criminals seem to know. I suppose there are only a couple of spots where it could go and these companies probably don't move them that much.

I know from the UK the insurance premium worked on your age and sex and how long you have had a licence and then the value of the car. Over here it is similar but certain cars are a higher risk so the premium goes up accordingly. I find it weird that you don't go for a car you would really want, but more one the crooks wont want. That has always been my thinking anyway as why put your family at extra risk for the sake of a vehicle. When I eventually move away from here I will probably spoil myself and get the car that I want not having to think of hidden dangers.

The criminals that drive across the borders are normally after top end 4 x 4's as they are in demand throughout Africa. At one point it got so bad Toyota had to change the specifications on the engines as they were being used in most of the Taxi's here and in the neighboring countries. The Fortuner model was at one stage on top of the hijackers lists but have seen it slip away since the engine change.


There are many tracking and ant hijacking units based in every major city in South Africa and they will have teams stationed at certain outlying towns closer to the border crossings. Most tracking devices are removed from the vehicle when they feel they have got a safe distance away. Not everyone gets to warn the insurance companies as most of these crimes involve theft of cell phones or being shot. It is sad really as the people doing the crime get next to nothing for the vehicle and are just the foot soldiers of a bigger organisation.


The smaller cars which are stripped for parts or are made "clean" may only be worth $250 for the people doing the stealing. These are for cars like the VW Golf and VW Polo going up in value for a BMW or Mercedes. Most South Africans are vigilant these days and take extra precaution driving in and out of their driveways at home. I live in a gated community yet still take precautions leaving myself with room to maneuver if needed.

Out of the 16 000 hijackings last year 14 500 had a firearm involved. This is not a pleasant thing by any means as it can go both ways and you never know if you will become another statistic or not. I have never had the misfortune of being hijacked, but had an attempt about 10 years ago where they tried to sneak up on the back of the car and I reversed into them. This was at a traffic light in a not so decent part of town in Durban late at night. My brother was out visiting from England and had no idea what was going on as it was over so quickly. Moral of the story is never stop at a traffic light in South Africa after dark if you don't have to.


in regards to your last sentence about not stopping at traffic lights... good grief is it really that bad?

In certain areas after dark yes. They are known hot spots for hijackings and some are even marked with warning signs. We have one at the off ramp near home where you just look both ways and treat it like a 4 way stop. When we first came back from England we thought people were crazy driving through a red light, but now we understand why.

Sounds like they need to get some kind of citizen patrol going on. Either that or a militia. Kind of like your neighborhood where you are fully in your rights if you are protecting your property.

We have private security firms with armed response patrols already. These guys are our lifeline when required as they offer medical and armed protection. I think we pay around $25 per month and is well worth it.

Was it your old house then that you didn't have that? I remember you talking about chasing some people.

No I had them as well, but this was me getting mad and taking things into my own hands. The next door neighbor that was attacked I was there before armed response arrived as I saw it happening when they were jumping over the wall to rob them. There is no time for phoning when something is taking place unfortunately. The alarm triggered and they responded so I didn't have to worry about calling them.

Ah, okay.

Lol. Does sound crazy that people live like this and think it is normal. I must admit I do miss having to not to worry about stupid things like personal safety. Crime is world wide but there is different levels.

nice report!

on the border denmark to germany, denmark build a 1m high border fence ^_^ to contain the spread of a wild pig infection coming from poland over germany (since denmark is a major pork exporter)...

Not a nice feeling to have a gun in your neck is it?
Been in that situation and I am sure that hundreds of South Africans have.
Syndicates are well entrenched in this country and they know that poor people will do anything to get money.
By the way, as the two robbers walked off I told them that I would pray for them. The one returned and I thought that he was going to shoot me, but instead he handed my ID Book back to me. They took everything else of course.
Tough going in this country my friend!