Hive Versus Facebook

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Hive Versus Facebook

Hive users are not doing enough to shill non-decentralized social media users specifically Facebook.

I constantly see my friends re-posting articles and their short opinions about them... I'm thinking why aren't they putting some skin in it by putting more thought into whatever idea their spreading through their status update?

Expanding Your Thoughts with Hive

Hive is the solution so many of our friends out there are looking for, so why aren't they on Hive yet?

I think it's mostly the new user on-boarding experience, given that so many people are intimidated by cryptocurrency and owning private keys to their wallet. I know personally from mentioning Hive to friends at parties, every one seems to think any cryptocurrency outside of Ethereum or Bitcoin is to difficult. That, or they think it is a scam right from the start of the conversation.

So many of our friends are missing out on what Hive can do for their newfound interest as a journalist too. I strongly believe a lot of the click bait articles we see so many people spreading these days wouldn't be so common if they were active users posting on Hive.

Hive is would have our friends to invest more thought into ideas they have, because they'll think about their potential curation reward more. Posting on Hive means people would vet out more of the data in articles they might otherwise share on Facebook or Twitter.

Honestly, I think a lot of Hive users are actually getting tired of the type of content that is spread on other social media platforms which is why it's not so commonly seen on here. For example, I don't see very much at all about racism, the uproar in America, Trump, etc.

I think Hive doesn't see a lot of the same content as Facebook because we're not driven by anything other than our actual interests as opposed to the money marketers are putting towards the ads they target to you. Hive is a much more genuine experience I kind of wish more people knew and valued as much as I do and I think most active Hive users do.

There is a huge opportunity for Hive if it's able to tap into the newfound interest almost everyone is having in expanding in their own ideas. Just look at all the extreme channels on both ends of the political spectrum. Right now, there is a huge market to bring people together where they can really expand on their ideas.

Hive is to Facebook like the a podcast is to a daily network show because it's the opportunity for people to get deep.

Let's try and all identify one of our friends on social media or Facebook that is very active and bring them to Hive. If we could do that, we would make a huge impact on Hive, because that is a potential 1:1 ratio for every active user!

Come on guys, let's do our part to shill Hive!

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LOVE this:

Hive is to Facebook like the a podcast is to a daily network show because it's the opportunity for people to get deep.

In fact, been ages since I used Facebook. I see my circle has stopped using it as well. Let's see how many will discover Hive on their own.

The shilling continues though! :D

Thanks! I agree, it's a good analogy! I mean podcasts are so simple and you learn way more than you do from short 5 minute interviews you see on t.v.

Yeah, no more Facebook :) Hive is the best opportunity not only to entertain and engage but also to earn something on your efforts.

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