in OCD6 days ago

It's starting to feel like fall more and more, and I very much like it. I briefly mentioned that in my past football post.

My sleep schedule is absolutely crazy LOL. But I have been trying more and more to discover new ways to earn Hive. I've delegated to several accounts to get more passive income. I think I need to begin planning out posts and creative ideas soon. Maybe today. Sometimes I get a little burnt out but I am personally more comfortable with a plan and I like to think I am more productive with a good plan. I think with my certain investments and a good plan of attack I can start to take more and more advantage here. It's always sort of depressing to watch the price of Hive fluctuate but I very much have faith it will be alright and of course it's also all about putting the work in even despite the price. No matter what in life there needs to be an aspect of work involved. Can't get anywhere in life without putting in some work.

That's whats cool about these great social blockchain cryptocurrency platforms. It can be a combination of 'work smarter, not harder' and good old fashioned creative elbow grease, and hustle. There is a lot of opportunity here if you read, think, search and work.

I looked into Hive SBI or whatever the heck it's called but it definitely kind of confused me. I don't know. LOL.

Otherwise life's been ok enough. I had my niece's birthday party yesterday which was pretty fun. She's growing up so fast it's crazy, time has no mercy. I saw my brother for the first time in awhile and it was cool. The reason we weren't cool for awhile was because basically I was a jerk. Happy we can be getting along again. I don't want to continue burning bridges.

The breakup is still on my mind everyday but I do my best to distract myself with working and trying to be there for my son. The disappointment and pain is unavoidable so might as well just keep on trucking forward.

It's funny, I was getting like a little discouraged at the price drop and me going broke. But the whole idea of me making a plan of planning out writing topics and investing more/delegating here, came simply by writing this little ramble. I suddenly feel a lot better. This is why writing is good for me and why I think Hive is amazing.

Anyway, time to talk to my son on Facetime before school. I gotta work for him. Hive on everyone.