Don't be fake

in OCD2 months ago

Character is like pregnancy, it cannot be hidden no matter how long you try to hide it will always show forth. Some people pretend a lot, there will come into your life, pretend to be the very nice person you were expecting, only to discover at the split of moments that they were actually the devil pretending in other to have favour from you.


It will be a great act of stupidity for someone to believe that every one that is laughing with him or her actually are sincere with him or her, because it is possible that, the person that is actually laughing with you is also looking for an opportunity to either kill or destroy whatever you have worked for.

There is a saying that says, your best friend today can become your worst enemy tomorrow. Yes, it is actually true because people can pretend a lot, so many people always pretend to be happy with the progress of another person, so in order to bring the person down they have to pretend to be your friend so that they can hurt you.


But to every pretenders around the world, let it be known to you that character is like pregnancy it is only a matter of time it will actually show, and when it is finally shown, the end product of it will be disgrace and demotion.

Character is a virtue everyone should consciously that's why even the Bible advice that we should add to our faith character, because character has a way of either promoting you or disgrace you.

So many have fall from glory because of bad character, so many have loose their marriage because of their pretend to one another, pretending to be what you naturally are not is very dangerous, you will definitely be hurt at the end.

Some people pretend to be what they are not, but sometimes pretends or fake life can make your destiny helper call you boss, these means that being fake or pretender will only make you loose your opportunity or destiny helpers in life.

Yesterday is a cancel cheque, today is an open cheque, while tomorrow is promising, be sincere with your character, make good effort to have a good character, when there is life there is hope, there no need pretending in life.

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