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Hello lovelies ❤️
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I came across @galenkp post about Posting Initiative on his blog and I'm joining the initiative with immediate alacrity. In his post he emphasized on the need for genuine engagement amongst hivers and that dropped an idea in my head. Boom!

I'd be sharing with you one of the necessary component we all need in order to live a comfortable and stress-free life. In order to achieve the aforementioned we need to maintain a healthy relationship, and lifestyle.

Either you are in a romantic relationship, relationship that exists between friends and even colleagues we all want to maintain an healthy relationship with them because it makes life easier for us to live in. We all want to be around partners, colleagues, friends and family that understand us effortlessly without much hassle and appreciate our little efforts, gifts and gestures. This makes our life sweet and enviable when it's in place.

Let's assume we are in a Corporate organization where a colleague is always rude and shows disrespect to the members of staff at every given opportunity, the environment will not be condusive for work to go on smoothly. The boss may spend almost the whole day trying to settle issues and calling people to order. The time that is supposed to be used for resourceful and productive work would have been lost. Disregard for constituted authorities is a bad offense that could turn everywhere upside down and leads to chaos, thereby hindering healthy and peaceful living.

To maintain a healthy relationship we should show some kindness and care to people around us at every opportunity that is presented to us. We may not understand or imagine how much our act of kindness would go in the life of our families, friends and colleagues.

Oh! I'm also in need of help!

True, no one has all they crave for in their possession but if you see the extent to which some people lack you'd be grateful for the position you are today. You eat twice daily - comfortably - but some other people find it difficult to eat just one meal. They have to beg for alms to eat.

Yet, you still complain?

Think about it dear friends.

In addition, we should approach our issues, problems, difficulties, and challenges together. We tend to create a stronger bond between ourselves when we approach our challenges in life with joint hands. When all hands are on deck issues are attacked and solved quickly and even more easily. Imagine how your partner will be happy when you assist him or her in tackling a particular issues they may have been experiencing. They will be elated, happy rather than being gloomy and sad.

Isn't the world changing to a better that way?

Won't their be peaceful and healthy relationships?

YOU CAN CLICK HERE if you want to join. Everyone is eligible.

Special appreciation to @abh12345 - @tarazkp - @meesterboom and @galenkp for supporting the POSTING INITIATIVE.

Thank you for your time lovelies.
The post is originally written by me 💕@debbie-ese💕

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Thanks for sharing this topic. The world really need to come together as one. Having a good and healthy relationship will definitely make this world a better place to live. And wishing you good luck in the judging process.

Hi there and thank you for supporting the posting initiative with this post. I've been with my wife for 33 years now and can attest to how important solid relationships are, based on trust, respect and courtesy...Among other things.

Your post is really nice and is now in the mix with the others. Good luck.

Solid and healthy relationship is key. It's an important tool to unlocking greatness in life.

Thanks for your time ❤️