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Hey lovelies...

It's your favorite girl @debbie-ese

Good afternoon and how's your day going so far?

I'd be talking about something we all do on a regular basis.

Some of us do it at least twice a day for about 8 hours.

Some of us find it difficult to do it during the day.

Most people don't joke with it at night.

A lot of people like it when the lights are off.

While others love it when the lights are on.

Are you guessing already?

Well, what I have been describing so far is SLEEP.

We all crave for a good sleep. A good sleep is as essential as maintaining an healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Scientists have proven that poor sleeping routine can have harmful and damaging effect on the brain, hormones and the general health of a person. It could also lead to rapid weight gain and accelerate the risk of diseases in the body. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should always try to sleep well especially at NIGHT.

In recent times due to the condition of our World today many people find it difficult to sleep well due to one reason or another that emanates from the current Covid-19 pandemic.

You could improve your sleeping habits by exposing your skin to bright light during day time. It enables you to maintain a balance, let's your body know when to sleep and when not to. When you expose your body to direct ray of sunlight during the day it ensures your circadian rhythm is healthy.

On the other hand, don't expose yourself to a lot of blue lighting in the latter part of the day. When you get exposed to blue lights at night it reduces the hormone which enable you to sleep well, that is, melatonin.

Wondering what blue light is?

It's all around us. Our TV set, computers, smartphones all emit blue light. It disrupts your sleep if it's too much. Try to turn off your television, computers and smartphones at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

In addition, ensure that you reduce long naps during day time. When you nap for long during the day it would have negative effects on your sleep at night. Let your nap be about 30 minutes or less during the day. You could engage in some activities to prevent the nap during the day such as strolling, talking to a friend or playing game.

Thank you for your time lovelies.
The post is originally written by me 💕@debbie-ese💕

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