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Hey lovelies...
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It's your favorite girl @debbie-ese

Today I come on a lighter mood. I'm not talking about something serious but it's an occurrence which is enacted by both male and female, young and old.

I'd be talking about snoring.... Kgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Snoring is a somehow awkward and annoying sound that is caused as a result of an obstruction to the air thract. Wikipedia defines snoring as the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. Oftentimes, the snoring sound may be soft, but it's mostly loud and annoying.

You may not be affected by your snoring rhythm but trust me your roommates or spouse (whichever the case may be) are the ones who get irritated and disturbed the most. Snorers always enjoy their sleep and seem unbothered by their own snore.

There's a general assumption that men snore more than women.

Is it true?

That's a difficult argument to conclude, anyways. Haha

Snoring could be more than just making noises while sleeping due to cold or blockages in the air passage, it could be a health condition.

Health experts says excessively loud snoring are bad and abrnomal. Anyone suffering from chronic snoring should visit a doctor.

Snoring could be controlled by controlling one's weight. Cutting off fat around the neck area could help reduce excess snoring.

Drinking plenty of water could prevent snoring. When you are dehydrated you secrete thick mucus in the buccal cavity and it becomes sticky that it makes you snore. Ensure you drink about 11 cups of water in a day.

Thank you for your time lovelies.
The post is originally written by me 💕@debbie-ese💕

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yeah it's awful, and now apparently I do it too :(

Nice one. Highly informative. Nice to meet you.
Concerning the assumptions,its the women that carries the vote.😂

Hmmmm... women snore that is what I know...but my problem is peopple that snore from 9 till 6am ... their oesophagus no dey pain them ni... nice post .. snoring is just messed up ..

Lolz e no dey pain them oh hahahahaa😂😂😂