Only Han Solo shot, giving Greedo no chances to fire back.

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I find it fascinating how many people didn't see the first version of A New Hope - the version where only Han Solo shot. Not the new versions, where Greedo and Han fire at eachother at the same time, but Han dodge the shot by moving his neck to the side.

The crazy part is that this particular scene was changed again in the Disney+ version! You may think it can't get any more bad, but it actually can. What exactly is George Lucas doing with his films?

What was added now?

They didn't put much effort into it, it's just Greedo's face zoomed in with a sound that feels like it doesn't even belong here. It's so out of place. Pathetic.

It's naive to think that Greedo, a hired mercenary, would miss a simple shot like this one. I think George Lucas wanted to paint Han Solo as a good character, but he is just not. He is a criminal, a smuggler, a badass. He knew what Greedo is up to - he wanted him dead. Why would Han Solo give him any chances? He is the "do first and ask later" kind of guy.

In this video you can see the comparison between the versions.

What's coming next? Han Solo will not even shoot and Greedo will kill himself with his own blaster?

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