The journey for freedom.

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The journey to freedom is a very long walk and when you set out to reclaim the freedom you have lost, it becomes an unending journey.
The journey starts from the point of pain into the point of more pain and even into a strongest pain in a very short time that soon crosses into a long period of time.


Freedom is not usually easy to come by and for those seeking freedom, they are presented with a problem they can never solve.

Freedom is sweet and when it is taken from an individual, it becomes hard to come by as the takers will not want to release what is so sweet back to the one they have enslaved.

The journey to freedom should be embarked on when the individual still has it.
Waiting to be enslaved before embarking on a journey to retake what is rightfully ours is one big mistake we all make as individuals.

Freedom is expensive and it takes excruciating pain and increased stress to reclaim it.

If we ever want to be free and to live free, we must never loose sight of the liberation that comes with being free.

“Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.”- Elbert Hubbard.

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