Ever you see "Saliara" flower?

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Have you ever seen Saliara flowers? Yes, this flower is a kind of wildflower that grows by itself among the weeds, funds are usually located on the edge of the road with fairly sub-tropical land conditions.

In plain view, the Saliara flower is not very interesting, but when you approach it, the texture of the Salaria flower is very unique. It has quite bright colors, yellow and pink. When the reflection of light colors the Saliara flower, the charm of this wild plant will look beautiful.



LRM_20200706_181104 (1).jpg




Unfortunately, I didn't bring a macro lens with me today, and I am very disappointed with this because I can't take Saliara pictures perfectly, the tiny texture will look more beautiful if you take a picture using a macro lens. that's my flower hunting photography today, I hope hivers friends will enjoy it.




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Lovely shots @ericha 💐

We call it Lantana in our place, it has medicinal properties and sometimes used to ward off mosquitoes.

Thank you @oniemaniego Lantana Camara also know better in my area, but we still cal it Saliara :)

Beautiful name for a flower, Saliara 💐

Hola @ericha. Son unas fotografías geniales, la naturaleza nos regala lo mejor de si misma. Gracias por compartir, saludos desde Colombia.

Hello @ericha. They are great photographs, nature gives us the best of itself. Thanks for sharing, greetings from Colombia.

Nice to hear you love it, I forgot to bring my Macro lens, and it;s so pity :D

Aún sin el lente quedaron hermosas las fotografías. Un abrazo.

Even without the lens, the photos were beautiful. A hug.