How quickly you make a strawberry crop, there are two ways

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As you can see, you can make a lot of strawberry plants out of seeds, but it takes quite a while to do so, with the following 2 ordinances for quickly increasing the strawberry.@hive





When the strawberry stem is still in a vegetative period, usually from between the sheath and the leaf will grow a new sulu.
At the end of the tendrils it grows strawberry. Tendrils can grow up to 30 cm (12 in.) or even more.

The strawberry plant at the other end of its tendrils can be planted or sunk to the ground. In just a few days, it will grow roots, and the strawberry growth increases faster.#hive @ecency





Once the strawberry root grows on the strawberry line, it usually grows a new tendrils from the strawberry leaf sheath. Do the same, then in no time will be able to get three to five strawberry kids.
Once the roots have grown well enough, then you can cut the tendrils of the strawberries..@S4s


I'm all for strawberry..but never succeed when trying to grow one...I envy yours😍

Yay! 🤗
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I love this fruit