The Beauty of Purple Heart | Tradesscantia Pallida

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This is an ornamental plant that is currently popular in my city, Purple Heart or in Latin Tradesscantia Pallida. The beautiful color makes this plant has a distinctive character as an ornamental plant today.

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Moreover, if it is combined between plants that have green leaves, its strong color still doesn't lose its charm than other plants. This type of Purple Heart has pink flowers, although the leaves are purple.

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The leaves are quite thick and contain a lot of water, this plant is very suitable to be used as an ornamental plant in a house garden or in a flower vase.

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Mine is still in a polybag because I just bought it at the flower market, the price is quite good, but because I like it certainly doesn't matter with the price right!

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I plan to spread the purple heart plant in several locations in the garden, not using a vase because it can be planted directly and the plants can spread quickly.

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It feels good to have the flower that I have been looking for, I hope it will flourish even though it has moved to another heart, the Purple Heart which has this contemporary color.

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Pictures were taken by Camera Sony RX10