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Yesterday morning I spent a bit of time with a Black tail bumblebee (Bombus melanopygus). I saw it sitting on a leaf and when I put my finger near it it raised a leg and gave a little bump. It seemed a bit lethargic but it climbed onto my finger and chilled for a bit. I set it on one of the multitude of flowers and it happily went about digging into them. The Black tail is one of the more common bumblebees in King County around Seattle. This was in Bellevue which is right next door.




On our way home we were just coming into Moses Lake and on the road next to the freeway I saw the truck moving slowly with its flashers on.


In front of the truck was this person riding a bicycle carrying a big flag on a pole. The wind was pretty strong and was a cross breeze for them. It must have been damned hard to keep the bike upright with the flag whipping around over head. I see this sort of thing on Memorial Day weekends.


We got home about 4:30pm and after unloading the car we headed to the creek. One of the plants near the tunnel has a wild looking flower. I am unsure of what it is as I have not taken the time to look it up. Almost looks like little fireworks explosions.


The difference in the pool is noticeable now. Since I removed the trees that were in the water that had blocked the circulation the pool has been able to reshape itself a bit. The side near the stack of logs is now wider and there is a healthy amount of soil that has been washed away.


This area is the most effected but it will allow for us to have a good sized sandy area once the water level drops. Last year I had moved a lot of the sand up onto this side but with the winter flow it has shifted it all around again. It will likely be a yearly task to rebuild our little beach but it is worth it for the enjoyment we get all through the late summer.


This is one fillet of the Keta salmon. The fish we got was about 7.8 lbs whole and we got about 6 pounds of fillets from it which made it about $5.25/lb. We had half a fillet for dinner last night and holy balls was it tasty!!! I am a fan of the Keta and have no desire to pay $20/lb for King salmon. The Keta is nicknamed the chum salmon which has a pretty bad connotation to it but the reality is it is a really good fish.


AS we sat on the deck eating dinner one of the juvenile bald eagles landed in the tree above us. It is likely about 2 years old as its head is turning white but it still has the mottled colors on its chest.


J loves to read. He is 6 1/2 and is devouring books for 8 to 10 year olds. We were hanging by the nightly fire in the pit and he was reading by the yard lights until we went inside to get new drinks. He ended up standing outside reading by the house lights. Quite the dedicated reader we have!


Today is tough to get going on. I am tired and sore and want to do little to nothing but have too many chores and projects that need attention. It is going to be raining soon for a majority of the day so I have to try and get something accomplished before it starts to dump.

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That's wonderful that J loves to read so! I was a voracious reader from about 5 onwards.