Sunny Sunday Soreness

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Damn I am sore after yesterday. I may have caused myself as much pain due to my attempts to limit my pain. Likely it is just that I am trying to do too much at once.

On my morning inspection wander through the farm I noticed a few sprouts from the herpes of the crop world, jerusalem artichokes. I had mistakenly, or more so with out fore thought, planted some on the edge of the main garden a few years ago. Well, since they are like herpes, they have kept coming back with some here and there, scattered through the soil due to the tilling. Luckily these 3 happened to be on the edge and not in the gooseberry bushes.


I dug them up and moved them to a spot beside my garden shed, in the old chicken pen. I figure they will have ample space to spread and it is a place I would not be able to grow anything else due to the rocks and amount of weeds. They will make a good screen and are going to be well out of my way.


The real reason my back is soooooo sore today is this. The bucket.
I had been using my watering can to water every single planting spot with fungicide and mycorizhae. Prior years I have used a powder form that got tilled into the soil. The Actinovate I am using is a water soluble form that needs to be mixed with water and applied. The watering can forced me to bend over far too much and was killing my back. I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday trying to figure this method out.

I drilled a 3/16" hole in the bottom of the 3 gallon bucket, mixed up my solution, then let the bucket drain through the hole as I walked up and down the rows. This proved to be easier than the watering can but it meant more weight for longer but without bending over. I still had to tense my back for the entire time holding the bucket. So today my back is super sore and aching from all the watering.


My diversion from the watering was a build I have been thinking on for a while. I wanted to have a place for us to hang the washers near the throwing lines. After replacing the gate fence post on Saturday I came up with a good use for the broken post. 10 deck screws to hold the washer sets, a planting pot to hold the golf balls, a canning ring on top for a beer holder, and plumbers tape holding it to the tv antenna post.

It works perfectly and is now the home for the washers. If only I can get the boys to put the damned things back when they are done playing with them I will be happy.

The afternoon saw the continued attempts to organize the car port. It has a tendency for becoming a heaping pile and this is one of my irregular cleanings and organizations of it. The big thing yesterday was to get the table setup and piled with boxes so I could move out the wire spool that had been taking up so much space. It really opened up the area and is now in the yard so the boys have a table for them.


With the warm weather I am going to have to get the sting trimmer rolling and start making passes through the farm. The grass is going crazy and it will be good to try and stay on top of it this year.

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