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I saw a picture of a wooden "TO THE BEACH" sign, posted by @bil.prag today and I got jealous! So my turn to do a little bit archive digging and reminiscing of my trip to Andros, one of the most popular Greek islands! The boat trip from the port of Rafina was just a couple of hours and the first thing to do when I arrived was to pay my respects to the "Gold Beach" :)




I am not usually make accommodation proposals but boutique hotel Eleni is a place to remember, filled with the history of the island and I could not omit it from my story!



Walking around Chora is a constant reminder of the glorious past of the island. The plethora of impressive mansions (renovated or not) are the undeniable signs of the wealth of the inhabitants when Andros was a major shipping center and hometown of some of the biggest Greek shipowners.





Nowadays is a beautiful destination for relaxing vacations close to nature but with a cosmopolitan vibe at the same time! If you ever come to Greece you may want to consider a short (or long) visit there, I am sure it won't let you down!







All the pictures and the words are mine.

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That second picture is beyond amazing!

I am glad you like it :)

μια κ μια οι φωτογραφιες


Beautiful and peaceful place.

Thank you @noopu for stopping by, it is a very peaceful place indeed :)

You're welcome. :)

I still don't get why rich people don't move to Greece after stacking like mad men... I would definitely do that. Would lend an apartment in Norway as well but, Greece is spectacular.

With the weather changing like crazy, Norway will probably be a better choice in a few years!
But I am sure that once you'll get the cash, you'll find the best place to spend it :)

Hi Stefanos! Greece is bright and interesting! Your photos are so beautiful that I would go in the travel right now!
I see you like to remember your past wonderful events and adventures :) Memories sleep in our memory, and sometimes they wake up and we want to restore them.
Now every Saturday share your highlights in the community SaturdayMemories. There is an opportunity to dig in your archives, my friend
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Thank you for stopping by Olga!

I will never get tired of seeing pictures of beaches, haha!

Perfect, I have a lot of them :)
Thank you for stopping by @wiseagent!