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RE: Bluffer's Guide to Steem - Knowing Your Keys & Account Security

in OCD8 months ago (edited)

So for those that can't remember where they put their master key info, then what?

I've been using keychain since it came out. Useful thing that is, although I wish I could go to the market through that but hey, this works anyways.


If you lose your master key then if anything happens to your account and you need the master key, you're out of luck. Hopefully it can be found!

As long as you still have your posting and active keys, you can do all you need to do to use steem... Just don't click on any suspicious links in memos or comments.

I never have and never will. I know in put it in a book so I don't lose it but it's been so long... Can't remember what book and what I did with it 🤣 I always manage to find a safe way and to also forget that safe way. Sigh

Haha well just don't throw away any books ever and you will be guaranteed to still have your master password somewhere 😁 super safe haha