Photograph of a part of Aceh's tsunami history (Tsunami museum)

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Hello All

Today I started the journey from Sigli to Banda Aceh City. The main objective is to visit a historical place in Aceh, the Tsunami Museum.



After arriving at this museum, I immediately entered, and saw some parts of the history of the tsunami, the first thing I saw was art that depicted tsunamis that hit the mainland and people were running.


And the second thing I saw was the name of the dead written on the wall.


And the third is I photographed the tsunami museum section.


The fourth is a picture of people starting to flee to higher ground, so as not to be carried away by the tsunami water flow.


And the last is a picture of a ship landing after being hit by a tsunami.

From here there are many things and lessons that I can learn, starting from historical knowledge and future lessons. That it is important for us to protect nature so that we are all free from disaster.

Original Image By : @freedhom

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