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Change happens...It's inevitable. Doors open, doors close and sometimes we get stuck on the right or wrong side...Only time determines that, or our own actions of course.

Shortly the steem blockchain will be forking with steem going in one direction and the new blockchain HIVE going in another...Two separate chains.

It's inevitable that the steem community will go in either direction also, or both directions; It's also quite conceivable that a user we like or follow may stop posting on steem altogether.

I don't see this as a problem though, I mean people have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever other social medias are out there, and they seem to all get along quite well running multiples. Why not run steem and HIVE? I mean if you like a user that went to HIVE and left steem altogether then follow them there so you can read their posts, it doesn't mean you have to post on HIVE if you prefer steem for posting your own stuff right?

Just because one door opens it doesn't always mean another closes. Not always.

I don't know how steem is going to go. Some say it's going to turn into an abomination of ass-fuckery and yet others will probably stay on...Especially those who fully supported centralisation considering they'll be precluded from HIVE as I understand it.

I'm unsure what I'll do in the long term although am committed to decentralisation and will proceed to post on HIVE as soon as it goes live.

I'll keep a close eye on steem though, no point closing that door just yet right? Who knows, maybe posting the same thing on both might work nicely? Maybe voting on steem but not posting will be a nice passive way to maintain a presence there? It's all an unknown.

Sure, there's probably loads of questions out there...What happens to Communities for one I guess...But At this stage I think it's best to keep it simple...You're a content creator? Post where you like. You like particular users? Fine, read their stuff no matter where they post. I don't think it needs to get much more complex at this stage.

Anyway, tonights' conundrum was where to post this...My Lego Community because I made this Lego house specifically for this post or OCD...Obviously OCD won that fight because this isn't really a Lego post at all. Still, this is my first Lego freestyle since I was about 13 years old...I'm happy with it.

See you on steem...or HIVE, or both...Well, I'll just see you huh?

Don't worry about what's behind the door until you get there...This is all supposed to be fun and enjoyment, certainly for us content creators anyway, so what ever side of the door you find yourself on...Just have fun and enjoy it.

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Communities will port over to Hive with very little interruption as I understand it, as Hive is essentially a clone of Steem. This also means that SMTs can be released there without a hitch ;)

Hard to say what everyone will do, but I agree that it is best to keep an eye open and an ear to the ground to see what is the best way forward. I know that a few key people are planning to continue to work toward a better Steem simultaneously, and I wouldn't mind having a small support roe in that perhaps.

I will be spending the majority of my attention on Hive though.

Let's see how it plays out. I think people are fed up with hearing how steem is going to improve, and yet it doesn't, but maybe this will be the catalyst to force some real change?

I hope it is a good change, if nothing else, there is a lot of baggage gone.

Yes, and some baggage is better lost than found.

I kind of like the notion of voting on Steem here and there but posting on and maintaining the majority of presence on Hive. It can't hurt! I will do the majority of my activity on Hive but I will remove all of my delegations that I'm aware of on Steem unless it's a community that stays there (though don't think any of the ones I'm part of will stay) so that way I can just curate and earn some SP rewards. I will be dismayed to have to use the abysmal Steemit front end though, unless one like Busy is staying on Steem instead of moving over to Hive. Lots to think about!

It is going to be interesting. I hope people don't revert to simply posting about hive and start to return to content creation though. Time will tell, and I'll see you there.

Yeah no kidding lol I think there’s going to be lots of hive posts for a bit. I won’t spend the effort, I got other plans lol

Between HIVE and the virus there'll be at least two of us posting something else then. Lol.

Yes I will see you somewhere 😀

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I'm moving over entirely. It's hard enough doing one chain justice.
Also Justin is here.

I feel ya...I doubt I'll post on steem after tomorrow, or whenever HIVE initiates, for the very reason you mention...I can't split my focus...My literary gold has to be focused. Lol.

I think a golden opportunity was missed when naming the new chain.

Surely we should have gone with ECLIPSE since it was designed to block out the Sun

Good one...Or...Up-yours-Sun for something a little more subtle. 😊

I've noticed over my lengthy internet life that some people are oddly monogamous with their websites and I still don't understand it XD

Website-monogamy. Lol.

Just because one door opens it doesn't always mean another closes. Not always.

Very true, and I'm sure that we'll be able to get along nicely. I'm also touched that you built Grouchy a house. I knew that he liked Legos, maybe a bit too much!

Grouchy is a bit of a slut for Lego! Lol.

I think Grouchy might need a bit of therapy away from Legos... 😳

A holiday? He was flying down to Tasmania with us on Sunday...Coronavirus threw a wet blanket on that though. I'll see what I can make happen...

That's sad to hear, though I hope to read more on your (mis)adventures soon! On the contrary, I think Grouchy might need actual professional help for his Lego addiction, like a therapist.

Haha maybe I should make a psychiatrists couch out of Lego and give him some therapy.

Nice house. With the yellow door. Just catching up, don't worry about replying. lol.