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Hello community How is everything going?

Hola comunidad ¿Cómo va todo?


I wanted to share with you some images that made my day.

I take a daily walk and look for streets that are not very busy. I guess this is due to the virus that has changed our lives. During my walks I usually listen to music and reflect. I block out the noise with headphones and talk to myself. Today I was saying to myself: "What an outrage! The health and economic numbers are not good at all. The virus comes and goes. The confusion continues...and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..." Somewhat dark thoughts, I guess today in particular I woke up a little low in morale and that's why I let myself get carried away by pessimism. The thing is that when I turned the corner of a street I don't usually pass by I found that several walls of that street and others nearby, were full of colors and actuality, as you can see. I do not know why they have agreed that this area is the one that looks so good, but it has made my day. This is the Altozano neighborhood in Alicante.

Quería compartir con vosotros unas imágenes que me han alegrado el día.

Hago un paseo diario y busco calles poco transitadas. Supongo que esto es debido al dichoso virus que nos ha cambiado la vida. Durante mis paseos suelo escuchar música y reflexionar. Me inhibo del ruido con unos auriculares y hablo conmigo misma. Hoy me decía: “¡Qué barbaridad! Los números tanto sanitarios, como económicos no son nada buenos. El virus va y viene. La confusión continúa...y bla, bla, bla, bla…” Pensamientos un tanto oscuros, supongo que hoy en concreto me he levantado un poco baja de moral y por eso me he dejado llevar por el pesimismo. El caso es que al doblar la esquina de una calle por la que no paso habitualmente me he encontrado con que varios muros de esa calle y otras cercanas, estaban llenos de colores y actualidad, como podéis comprobar. No sé el motivo por el que se han puesto de acuerdo para que sea esta zona la que se vea así de bien, pero me ha alegrado el día. Se trata de el barrio de Altozano en Alicante.









This one is not in the same area as the previous ones, but I also came across it on today's walk, so I'm including it.

Éste no está en la misma zona que los anteriores, pero también me lo he encontrado en el paseo de hoy, así que lo incluyo.


Thanks for stopping by to see these images that I hope will encourage you. Cheers.

Gracias por pasaros a ver estas imágenes que espero os animen. Salud

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Yes we are in some very confusing times right now, so much going on around us it’s hard to keep up. Taking a daily walk is nice to do.

My favorite is the Iron Man one, I am a huge Marvels fan.

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Good morning 😊

Thank you for the advice. I'll take them into account. I sent this post to OCD because I wasn't sure where it could fit best - 'street art' or 'photo street'. Little by little 🙏😊

No problem at all. 😉

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