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RE: Bad drawings and conclusions

in OCD2 months ago

Your proportions and understanding of human musculature here are very good. Better than where most people start. I notice this in your photography as well, as you've got a good way of doing your composition.

What can be improved in this image is the composition and flow to add more drama to the image. The winged figure on the top should be higher.

I've done a quick massacre of this in Photoshop to explain what I mean.


You've got a good understanding of the way the leading lines work in the image, but the next step (if you build more detail) is to also use light and colour to guide the eye through the composition.

Some basic facts that you can then apply:

  • The human eye tends to the brightest spot first.
  • Make that bright spot an arrow.
  • WHen you get to the conclusion of that natural arrow, have a slightly darker spot, with another arrow
  • Repeat, and you'll tell your narrative, and instruct the human eye to look at the image in a sequence, which will enable you to ensure a clean reading of the image, and your intent with each person who looks at it.

Please let me know if you want further critiques of this stuff. Don't ever be nervous about sharing art. Art is always a deeply personal thing. I'm not here to judge, I'm here to share my knowledge and expertise with you and anyone else that wants it.

If not, tell me to go away - or, you will know how to track me down on discord. :)


The concept would actually be this:


  • Central explosion, pushing one upward (light) one downward (dark) with hands not quite touching.

I can see it very clearly, but getting into position is the challenge for me - but it looks awesome in my head ;D I was wondering if there is a digital wooden mannequin for Krita as a plugin, would make life easier :)

I don't mind the critique. When it comes to the lessons, I am actually pretty good with it, but my execution sucks. With photography, it is much easier as I don't have to build the image as well.

Super hero poses might help, with a dab of the dramatic from renaissance paintings etc. :)

Check out the accidental renaissance sub-reddit, it is a gold mine of composition and posing of various people in photo journalism - it is a great way to see stuff that is natural, yet impeccably posed and composed!


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