❤️Baby Kitty Time❤️

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It's been almost 2 weeks since the babies were born. They just started opening their eyes yesterday! I was concerned because one of the kitties had one eye open and one eye still shut, but it looks more open today. They are sooooo cute and I want to keep them all and have 12 cats like a crazy person.

Benny is still such a sweet mommy. We keep Benny and the babies in the music room away from the other cats, but we let Benny out throughout the day so she can have a break from her motherly duties. She is so cute because she talks to us all the time with her cute little chirping meows.

The 3 darker striped cats are more dominant than the 2 light grey ones. The grey ones have a hard time finding and latching on to a nipple so I help them out sometimes by putting their little faces right in front of a nipple lol.

Puddle of Kitties


Me and Momma Benny

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Kittens!!! I'm glad you're enjoying their cuteness. They're so lucky to have you as their second mama, and Benny totally scored when she found you!

They are so cute! I love tiny kittens, it makes me remember when Roger my big fat cat came home and was a little bit bigger than them.

Woohoo!! Kitties!!!!!!

@isaria the baby kitties look good and healthy. They have for a good color. Regards

Aww they're adorable :D
And good job for keeping an eye on the runts of the litter ^^

so cute :)

Oh man. Even the anti-cat melts at kittens!

Precious babies haha

A bunch of cuties !! Yes keep them all and be this weird cat lady on whose passage everyone whispers as if they were afraid of catching a cat by mistake ... 🤗 😁 😻