Benny and the Babies Update

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♥️ Thank you to everyone who left such lovely messages in my last Benny post. ♥️

We successfully transferred Benny and the babies to the actual birthing bed last night!

I was worried that she would be upset, but she went right in with no complaints ... yay!

I read on the internets that young mothers might not yet have the instinct to take care of the babies.

Benny keeps leaving the nest and I worry each time that she won't go back, but each time she does go back so I'm feeling better now.
I guess she just wants to stretch her legs and hang out with her own mommy. lol

We also washed the quilt that Shane's mother made and successfully removed all the blood .... yay!

I'm so proud of Benny for being such a good mommy.
She's so cute because she makes these little chirping meows when she is outside of the nest and keeps looking in the nest like she's trying to show us the babies.
She purrs so loud all the time....she is very happy.
She's so sweet and I love her.

I'm going to try my best to not get attached to these kittens so I don't have a complete breakdown when I get them adopted.

We can not have 12 cats. lol

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Ours had 5 a few weeks ago!

awww! Congrats!♥️

Awww.... sounds like she's being a really good momma cat! 12 cats is a LOT, but once you get past 5 or 6 I guess it all becomes much of a muchness...


She's such a good momma cat...the kittens are growing so quickly!

You CAN have 12 cats!!!! who said you couldn't? omg is Shane against 12 cats? what is worng with Shane?

Also OMG the cuteness in this post! is overwhelming! Benny is such a lucky momma to have you to take care of her after all she most have gone through! and now her babies are also safe, i can't be more happy about that! thank you for taking her in and be such a good Cat Mom!!

btw Happy Mother's Day!!! of cats but a mother nonetheless.

Yay, I will tell Shane that we CAN have 12 cats!!!😂
Also, thank you so much, and Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

This is an epic comment xD

We can not have 12 cats. lol

Said every person on their way to becoming that person with > 12 cats ;)


Cute little stripy babies! :-)

The babies should be named "the jets" :-)

That's what we've been calling them lol

I totally had this song in my head while reading the post!

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You're a grandma for those kittens.

lol yep, I'm a Grandma without actually having any kids first

They're so cute, Benny included. Such love. :)

Thank you Katrina! Benny is a sweet cutie ❤️

Crazy cat lady starter pack...LOL


for you

A beautiful queen and her children! Congratulations 🧡

Thank you!