NFT Showroom! Plus my Tokenized Art: Azazel’s Descent Into Madness

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Tokenized art has been sweeping the nation on Ethereum and now the Minnow Support Project/ Palnet team has brought it to Hive ... with the huge benefit of free transactions and 3 second block times!

NFT Showroom is a new marketplace that uses Hive-Engine's layer 2 NFT smart contract platform to generate provably scarce, collectible, tokenized art.

Artists can create and list NFTs for sale and collectors can buy and sell art as well.

In case you missed it and want more info, you can check out these posts by Julia:

Announcing NFT Showroom: Collectible, Scarce, Tokenized Art on Hive

NFT Showroom artist guide / FAQ and whitelisting

Azazel's Descent is one of my pieces which is available in high quality on NFT Showroom. I have 3 other pieces up for sale and I've sold 2 others ... yay!

You can view my gallery here.

Visit the site and browse art:

You can follow us on Twitter:
or Instagram:

For any questions or support please visit us in discord NFT Showroom discord


Waooo it's like a splinterlands card but in art, when NFT music?

We are working on it!

Waoo, really?.

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It's still a way off...but once we get out of Alpha for the NFT art then we will work on it

Now that is some killer art pieces there! I'm thinking we'll see the "scream" version of "Old Yellar" soon 😀

😂I'm working on it now!

This is awesome! It is also a very big deal. NFTs are getting alot of attention right now. Hive expanding into all arenas exponentially.
Thanks for all your efforts.