A haven for children, and happiness for Mother and Father.

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Good night #hive friends wherever you are, may all be in good health always and always be successful for everyone who is here.
take care of the health of quasi friends in times like this, because health is very important for us to protect.
And don't panic with this situation, because the panic will make us even more scared.

Tonight I will post about the children's playground, this for children is heaven.

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For the sake of happiness of a child, parents are willing to do anything, as long as their children look very happy, because their happiness is also the happiness of parents too.
This place is a special place for children to play, they do everything they like in this place, because this is their place of happiness.

We can see their cheerful faces here, they all play very happy. The faces of their mothers and fathers are also happy to see their children having fun in this place.

With this beautiful place made so that the visitors immediately want to see and put their children in this fun place, we can see the children inside who are very happy.

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They are running around and jumping around with great joy, their cheerful faces we can see here.
This is a paradise for those who are still small, they can all complain to their parents, whatever they want, parents will definitely try to get what they want from their children.

Hopefully all the good they do will get wisdom next time, these children will also hopefully repay all the services of their parents, even though we know that parents will not expect anything from their children despite all the good that has been done , but they don't expect revenge.

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We children must remember the merits of those who have done everything for their happiness, and we must never hurt their hearts even with a few words that can make the hearts of our father and father feel sick.
What's more until their tears fall with us, keep them as cool as possible.

We all children must know, that mother and father can not replace him, not because of his wife and husband, we hurt our parents.
We can find another wife and so can the husband.
But the father and mother there is no substitute.



That's one of the most place for children ehhe

This is one of their bigi paradise.