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El Hoyo (The Platform) is a film that I loved even though its ideological message is leftist. That detail does not prevent the Spanish production, directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia serves as a fierce critic of today's society...come to think of it, history has shown us that we have spent millions of years moving in circles. The film is a reflection of us as individuals, even if we don't like to see ourselves reflected in that mirror.

What is this film about? Set in a dystopian universe, we see the main character interned in a place known as EL Hoyo. A sort of cube divided by levels. On each level, two people are placed and must wait for the food to come down the platform. Each month they are rotated and can wake up on the 7th floor or on the 170th floor. A great variety of delicacies, which are enjoyed by those located on the first floors. Depending on the location of the person, they will receive leftovers from those above. As you can imagine, the lower you are, the less you will receive and within that platform that seems to have no end, some will receive nothing to feed themselves.

Humans in borderline situations are capable of anything. The survival spirit of the protagonist of the story, who refuses to eat the first few days, will transform him and bring out the worst in him.

Our societies are made up of people who have become selfish and think only of their own personal benefit. That is very well reflected in the film. I liked that wild vision that shows that we are destroying ourselves.

The use of practically only one stage, which conveys that sense of closure, is well achieved. It's a low-budget production that manages to hit the mark and take advantage of scarce resources in its favour.

Although this social, political and even religious portrait is brutal and in keeping with people's behaviour. There is some manipulation by the left. The place known as El Hoyo shapes in a certain way how the class system of our world is handled. But there are things it doesn't include. For example, in one scene one of the characters tries to talk to the people upstairs, his comrade tells him that they won't listen to him, because they are downstairs, and to top it off he asks if he is a communist, because according to the character, the people upstairs don't listen to communists.


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In that scene is where I notice the manipulation of the message, I am sorry gentlemen, I am not going to be fooled in their red trap. Even though our society is selfish and the law of the strongest prevails, we are not locked in a hole and many of those at the bottom of our world can later climb up the ladder with their effort and dedication. That is not reflected in that "Hoyo" in the film, therefore its analogy to the real world is flawed. It was at that point that I decided to watch it only as an entertainment product and enjoy it with gore scenes.

Paradoxically, where I see similarities to El Hoyo, is the behavior within the blockchain platforms. You have to see it. They could identify with it.

A very interesting and really entertaining Spanish production. It suffers a lot in its final part, but I liked it a lot and I recommend it for these days of quarantine.

I say goodbye from level 6487, hoping that the people above will leave something for me.

What level of the Hole are you on?

Score: 3.4/5




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interesting proposal of this movie, I will look for it to enjoy it, it is good your knowledge in this matter is interesting, these days I saw a movie made by the user @juliakponford and I liked it