Adapting To Loss, My Health Conditions Seems Rather Poor Even After Medications

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Truth is, I believe in the unforseen circumstances of life and that's why I wouldn't blame anyone for anything that happens to me in the course of life existence. I'm currently traumatized over everything that's happened to me over the past one week. I mean it keeps me awake at night that someone would deem it appropriate to steal everything I've worked for every sweat and every struggle all in one swoop.

I've never been a victim of theft and this is because I've always been very careful. I won't say a minute of carelessness is why I'm currently in this predicament I'll say life happens and sometimes our actions aggravated the circumstances through which it happens. Truth is, no one can be too careful in life and irrespective of the blame we mete out ourselves for being carelessness, we have to understand that good and bad things happen and it is bigger than we imagine.

So I've come to terms with my loss psychologically but health-wise I have to bear the repercussions of my system failing to adjust to its new reality. My blood pressure is raised and this of course brings pain to my chest region. I'm currently feverish too, loss of appetite and difficulty in breathing. I made extraordinary attempt to recover what I've lost to the detriment of health and even if I knew I was just giving unnecessary work to my system it would be unusual of me not to try.

So the most painful aspect is that some people are living large at the expense of my misery, at the expense of my suffering and spending money which they didn't work hard for. This is of course a reoccurring phase even if I've come to terms with the fact that I've been robbed of 85% of everything I own and that's just it. Of course my activities here will be limited because im still weak to blog and I'll need time to come back fully.

Of course, I'm grateful to everyone who's been there for me. @k-banti I'm particularly grateful for your extended gesture, it's said that you know your friends at your darkest times and basically this old saying is still gold. I'm ran to a lot of people for help and many of them has played the stranger's card on me. Irrespective we can't live without learning because when we do then that's stagnancy. Cheers again. Thank you all.

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I had to read your previous post to know what exactly happened and I am so sorry that you are going through this. It is truly a devastating experience. I hope that things take a better turn and change soon. I cannot imagine the horror of losing a new phone let alone losing life savings later on. It causes a painful pinch to lose things especially when we work hard or have seen struggle in life. I wish that the culprits will be caught soon. I hope that you get well and that things get better.

Yeah it's truly a devastating experience thus far, glad for your heartwarming comments I guess the culprit might not be caught but I can't rue out any possibilities really. Thanks a lot for your concern

Please try to take it easy on yourself .your life is more important than any phone or life savings right now. I know how hard it is to part with money. But please take it easy

Thanks a lot, I'm also grateful for your extended gesture and well. God bless you

Stay healthy bro

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to read this but glad I did not overlook it to wish you my sincere gesture of compassion! You will be well very soon! You are a young and strong warrior as I am an old warrior conquering my disease as well. All will be good! My love sent your way

Thanks for your concern, it's been a trying week for me and I'm grateful irrespective of the situation I'm in. Keep battling and staying alive

I know how you feel as I had my Binance account wiped clean just over two years ago. All you can do is learn from it and move on. Don't get down as you need to bounce back quickly. Use Hive to try and recoup your losses as what choices do you have?

You're right, what choices do I have? Well your binance account? Wow that's gotta really hurt big time. I didn't see this one coming at all and that's why it put me in a bad position. Thanks a million I'm grateful.

Incidents such as this never come and go without leaving trauma. It just a phase brother, and I'm trusting you'll be well soon. Please get proper treatment to aid fast recovery.

No mention brother, it was the least I felt I could do. We hope to see more of your works as soon as you fully recover 😉

Thanks a lot too, in about a week time, I'm hoping to be back fully. Because hive is home and I don't think I'll do without it. Cheers brotherly I'm grateful


I read your other post after @snook put out the call on Twitter - so sorry to hear you're having such a bad time! I hope you're able to recover (financially & physically) very soon. Sending lots of good thoughts your way, along with a little bit of Hive that I'll be sending to your wallet in a moment, and a...

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Thanks a whole lot for everything, I appreciate this kind gesture and your utmost concern

Sorry to read of your difficulties, I hope my tip will help and you have my autovote as well, which I will increase to try and help you, I am not a big fish, but I can share what I have.

Thanks a whole lot, I'm grateful for all your supports already, it was a devastating experience for me, but thanks a whole lot for your tip I'm grateful. 100 hive is not little, it's huge for me and thanks again

You are quite welcome.