Internet scammers Stole My Phone, Accessed My Life Savings And Took Everything. I'm currently Sick.

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It's been four days since I've last been here and it's been the most trying time of my life. Exactly there days ago around 4:30am in the morning I plugged my Phone to be charged in the living room and then went to the bedroom to sleep and exactly when I woke by 6:20am to my horror my phone was gone, snatched through the window. Now this phone was the new Samsung galaxy A51 which I bought for about $350 exactly about two weeks ago and everything bounced before my eyes.

I led out a cry and the remaining guys living in my house woke up and behold it was through the window that they accessed the phones, it two phones in general, a phone of about $50 and an android phone of about 350$, that's about 400$ stolen in Just a little while. I was devastated, immediately I tried to contact my bank to put my account on restrictions but I couldn't access my bank, so I tried to go the bank however due to the lockdown, people were too much in the bank.

After about an hour of being in the bank I asked my friend to check my account and well it was the most horrifying thing I've been seen. They've used my sim to open up a virtual USSD code and then used my phone number directly to buy things online and withdrew almost everything I had I'm my bank account totally close to $1050. I know this isn't much for someone who's making a lot of money but it was my life savings and they took everything.

I had to block the sim card which they were using for the theft and wrote a letter in the bank to put my account on restrictions, it was the most troublesome three days of my life, trying to retrieve the sim card was another issue and since it was my father that registered the sim card I had to bring a death certificate to prove that he owned the sim card and transferred it to me. So I couldn't retrieve the sim but thankfully my friend Solomon helped me retrieve my Gmail account and honestly that was the only good thing that happened to me in three days.

To cut the story short, the money I had in that bank was to see me through a year in college, pay my hostel fees and of course feeding, textbook and practicals. In a jiffy I had all that stolen from me. I'm currently hospitalised and taking medications, everywhere hurts in my body, my blood pressure is high and I'm having flu and fever plus a constant unbearable headache. This might be my only post for this week since I have to recover and get my life back in order. Cheers. Thanks everyone.

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Sending a little STEEM love, @josediccus. Luckily was powering down anyway. ✌️😎

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Thanks a whole lot for your incredible gesture I appreciate it beyond words. Thank you again. Wow

Not a problem. Been there myself some years ago and know the gut wrenching feeling it leaves you with. You'll get through it. Hang in there.

i am really sorry Joseph. it is so sad to her. the same thing happened to me last year when i was robbed. i was going to submit my job application and they robbeed and stole from my bank.

it is a painful lesson but please next time the first thing you do is call your telecom provider or write them on twitter to immediately block your line before you visit the bank. i am very sorry. this is so bad

I panicked in the first place and this didn't let me make it the right decision, well it's a lesson I'm learning the hard way and I wouldn't lie it's been painful. Those guys wanted to completely ruin me and they did

those people are in your area or people close to you so be very careful henceforth. change your crypto keys. and follow up with your bank. if possible also dont keep large amount in your account except you need it urgently. binance always you to hold naira on your account and withdraw when you want. that is an option you can explore. i am sorry once more

this problem will only get worse over time. We neee a hive fork where your ID is your face and photo or even live video of your FACE would be required for EVERY transaction. Some would say this would take too long but you'll be happy you were safe than sorry after you see hlw SAFE this ststem will keep you. This is the dream of steemit and eosio actually... a kyc free system that still KNOWS you... peer to peer witnessing of all personal transactions. Because some humans are more trust worthy than others

I just tipped $1 in h8ve. 8f everyone tips you 1 dollar you'll get that 1000 bucks back and it will be seen as a huge win for hive blockchain

That's wonderful, thanks a whole lot

That is messed up @josediccus, I don't know you but thanks to @snook I know who you are now, and you apparently got hit hard on two fronts, your phone and a vacation in the local hosp hotel. Been there and done that a couple of times; stay strong and keep all things positive despite the circumstances, there are a lot of the people I know here who are watching over you as you recover, which we hope is soon.

That was really reassuring. You're right I was hit hard and it's not pleasant. I'll live with the loss for quite a long time and well only time will tell, thanks a lot for your support

I'm so sorry to hear of your trials. May something better grow in response. I'm sending you some STEEM.

Thanks a whole lot for the steem, I've received it thanks for this wonderful gesture. It's overwhelming

Wow, panic situation that was man.
Recover well first. Take care.

Yeah it was something I'd never been through. Thanks a whole lot

Gosh. That's terrible! Must be someone close who knows where you charge your phone from don't you think? :/
Hope you recover soon dear,take all the rest you need. I'm sure you can get help in this community xo

Well that's what everyone keep saying that it's someone close to me and I'm really stunned as to who will betray me like this.
Well I hope I get some Helps plus sell all my steem asset and well some of my hive

All will be well.

I'm so sorry this happened :( This is such a pain to read. Hope you recover soon and do what you need to do. Still thankful those guys didn't hurt you while you were all sleeping. Things will be really rough having to start over, but I know you can do it. You are smart and can find a way to everything.

Thanks a whole lot, the feeling of having to start all over scares me really. Truth is that I never prepared for such a thing to happen to me and I hate myself for it. Thanks for the support I'm super grateful

Been reading through over and over again that I can almost picture myself in your situation. Its a terrible one I must admit.

I felt a little distress when I didn't see you post on Wednesday morning. Because it was already almost a thing that I wake up to see your post among the first ten post on my feed. I visited your blog to check weather I missed it on my feed, but on getting to your blog, there was nothing. I checked the following day, still nothing too. There was no tweet either. I checked your blog each day and I couldn't just phantom what must be going on. I checked your blog last yesterday night when I got your auto vote on my post. I discovered there was still no update from you. Then my instinct said to me that could it be that your phone was stolen, I immediately rejected it knowing so well you recently just got a new phone. I picked my phone to call you because I was getting worried, and later felt reluctant because I didn't want it to seem I was been nosy. Little did I know that something this dreadful already happened.

I'm utmostly sad knowing you didn't only loose a phone but two, alongside with your budgeted schooling bills. Sorry for your loss bro. I know words won't do much in comforting you. But, I'm saying a word of prayer for you. I pray that the almighty God comfort you and grant you quick recovery. Also, I pray he will restore and replenish you more than the thieves think they have stolen from you. Ijn. Get well soon brother and bounce back stronger. My thoughts and well wishes are with you!

Thanks a million brother, it's definitely the most trying time of my life and I'm glad you were watching out for my posts really. I felt no one will notice I wasn't here but I'm glad you did, the phone was stolen Wednesday midnight and so I couldn't do anything on Thursday I've been running around trying to get back my life and it's been rigorous.

You're welcome brother. 😀 It hard not to notice you. A lot of people noticed your absence. I'm trusting God for a miracle on your behalf. Things will fall back in place, I pray.

Thanks a whole lot really I'm praying for a miracle myself, it's been a difficult week for me. But I guess before a week time I'll be back and stronger

Amen! Trusting you'll. See you around soon buddy.

I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you :-( People should respect other peoples property and to take away your money for school is a huge huge blow. I hope you will get better soon and back on your feet money wise as well. I sent a little HIVE tip although I wish I could do more and buy you a new phone at least.

Thanks a whole lot, I was going to start powering down once college resumes at least that's the only way I know. Thanks a whole lot for your kind gesture and the hive you sent me, I'm eternally grateful.

WTF mate, you can talk with the bank and try to get more dates from the thiefs

In Nigeria it's more difficult, too much beuracracy. The virtually makes life difficult for us

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you can't even get money back in usa why would he get his money back in africa? Lol banks cannot help you "mate" . Once money is gone its gone. They cant just reverse a transaction lol we dont all use paypal

Sorry about this Jose, this is such a terrible situation to be in and I hope life will get better soon. Please recover first and be strong again. Once again, sorry about it

Yeah I'll have to recover earnestly because I can't even do much now. Thanks a whole lot

You're welcome bro. Stay strong

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this is why we need an eosio chain that forces you to verify every withdraw with a personal message that your need deep fakes to fake so everyday criminals can't steal your money.

I tipped you $1 in hive and resteemed

But the banking systems don't know this yet, they somehow allowed someone who's not be accessed all my money without the proper verification.

Can you ask the bank to refund the fraud? Some banks in some countries do this. You will have to file a police report get it signed and bring it to your bank.

In the meantime I'd suggest powering down some hive or selling other crypto so you can live

& it goes without saying I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope things will improve soon!

Yeah I may have to get a police report to trace the scam it's quite rigorous too.
Yes I'm I'll have to power down to actually have some money to live

I am so sorry to hear this.

Please take care of your body. You are a strong person. You have come so far in the two + years I have known you. You have proven you can do anything you set your mind to. All you have to do is read your own blog to see it.

You will survive this and come out stronger than before. Keep your faith. Never lose hope.

I will be praying for you my friend.

You're right, although it's devastating I've come to terms with it and set myself on a recovery path. It's just one of life's unforseen circumstances. thanks a whole lot again I'm grateful

Just get better first. Your health is too important to mess with.


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Oooh! Its unfortunate, sorry about that. I observed I didn't see your update quite a while. Knew something was wrong. Hope you are able to regain all your data back?

I got my email back but I lost every other thing. It's been really stressful

Sorry! Have you reported to the police to help you track it?

When I'm fully recovered I'll do that

Ok! But do it quick so that the phone will not be used to implicate you elsewhere. My friend once had the experience. When you are strong just go and report that you lost a phone, they will take down your report in case anything happens....... Thanks!!!

Sorry for your loss bro. Such a terrible thing, I learnt long ago to keep my phones away from the window back in school. Hope u can get back on your feet asap

I've always charged it there for like three years now ah it's so painful

And always make sure you do away with your phone from the window side. Sorry bro!!!

Damn, that's a big blow. I'm so sorry, please get well soon. You're onto greater things.

Thanks a whole lot I'm grateful for your concern, hoping I can get back soon

It's so sad to read this. Sorry about the loss. God will bless you in multiple folds

Sorry about this Jose. Would it be possible to contact your bank and see where the money least to help with investigations. Do prioritize your health first, all that's lost can be recorved

I'm planning to prioritize my health like you said, I'll check to see if can do this when I recover

I'm so sorry about this, pleas stay safe and take care of your health. The banking sector in this country will mess you up when you need them the most. Get a new SIM with your own name please, I pray for strength for you to carry on

Thanks a lot it's like you said, the banking sector in Nigeria will mess with you till You're totally confused. I'm currently confused and dazed and can't still believe it

Wow really sorry for this situation.

The fact is that we have a system of government that encourages scammers. That's why we can see scammers everywhere.

And the funny fact is, our leaders are not innocent either due to their fraudulent activities in power. If the ones at the top can't show good examples what is now least expected from those coming up.

Just try look at this as a blessing in disguise, that what you have lost is a price paid for any future occurrence.

Take care brother
Stay safe 🙏😇

Hey, man...It's such bad news. Just got the news. Can I send a small amount directly in your Hive wallet?

Don't really bother my friend some members of the community has helped and I think I'll strive hard to start recovering the rest. Thanks a whole lot

Don't worry! I just sent a little.
Get well and stay safe!

Wow you shouldn't have, but I'm grateful nonetheless. Thanks a whole lot

Wow... This really is terrible what happened to you 😞 Im so sorry you had to go through this, and I understand that must have been such stressful days.
It sucks that some People just live to hurt others and don't care about the consequences...
I hope things get better for you and DO take care of yourself and your health is nr 1 ❤️

My thoughts and prayer are with you and I wish you well and hope it get solved my friend!

Yeah I'm on my way to recovery, it's been difficult but I'm getting there. I appreciate the kind words. Thanks a lot

Thats understandeble, and I Will do what I can to help out... So glad I came across @snook and @enginewitty post about your situation.
Be strong and I know you get through this ❤️

It messed up to see bad things happen to good people. Those thieves will get what is coming to them. I know it is hard, but stay positive and look out for the opportunities. God will be there through the fire to take you higher. Bless Up!

Thanks a whole lot my friend, it's a messed up situation really however like you said I've gotta look out for opportunities, thank you for the kind words.

I know how you feel man because I have had similar experience. Sorry about this and stay like a man. You have life, and you will survive no matter what. I wish I could vote this post to $1000. but... Just stay strong.

So sad.

So sorry to hear that bro
Get well soon bro.
While just a reminder if you have used the phone to log in to steem/Hive/email be sure to change your pass and take other protective measures for them.

Sorry you had to go through this!

The untoward events narrated herein is nothing short of a tragedy. I am deeply sorry to hear about your loss. Please cheer up, things will be normal again.

Oh noooo!!
My heart dropped for you reading this!!
I'm so sorry this happened to you!!
Wishing you only the best coming out of this!!
Get well soon Josediccus

I'm so sorry this happened bud. Take care of yourself and I hope you are able to recoup your losses...

Dear @josediccus

I'm so sorry to hear of all your trouble buddy. It must be devastating. stay strong there.

Yours, Piotr

Thanks a million sir, you've been far too kind

This is so painful.. I know how it feels. Sorry bro. Things will get better. Do take care of yourself and i wish you speedy recovery.

I really wish i had something to support with because you have been supportive.

By the way., which area is this?

Sorry for your loss @josedicus. Don't let this misshap rob you of your health.You will bounce back stronger and richer. Cheers

Sorry about that. Hope the perpetrators would be brought to book soon. Try to change your blockchain keys. They may access it on the stolen phone.

Stay safe. ❤️

Upvoted and reblogged, I hope it helps get you back on track.

Losing my phone would be worse than losing just my wallet, thinking about it makes me ponder on how easily my various financial and shopping software have access to my personal accounts let alone personal information. I hope everything can get resolved soon.

Yeah imagine how intertwined everything can be really and yet there's little or no security

Hey bro,
I'm so sorry about all that happened to you.
You'll bounce back better and stronger 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Man, I am sorry this happened to you. Hope you're fine now !

Wow! This is bad.

I hope you get better soon and overcome this bro.

This is so bad. These guys are terrible. Get well soon brother.

wish you a fast recovery!

this really sucks. Hopefully you will gain strength and recover soon. Sending you good wishes. 😃

It does, thanks for looking out for me

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Sorry to know that...

This is so disheartening. Just within a twinkle of an eyes the precious you've been keeping for months disappeared.
So sorry that this happened to you.
I hope you recover soon.


That's horrible what has happened.
Could you please show us screenshots of your bank account showing the fraudulent transactions and police your report from the local police station?
Also screenshot if emial from your bank related to this case, please?

Terribly sorry about this man. I hope you recover the losses.

That sounds awful! I wish you'll get your money and your health back and everything will be better than it was before.

Peace, love and endurance!

Found your post via @snook... sent what I could. I've been there... still there... but hope it helps my friend. Love and light to you...

Oops! I can only imagine. This is so sad, I am sorry bro
I will advise that you should be careful of those around you.