The Mundane Process Of The Ordinary Life That Makes The Quest For Fulfilment Seem Selfish

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One of the main reasons why fulfilment sometimes isn't attained in most cases in life's ventures is because fulfillment entails actualising things that brings happiness rather than things that are deemed necessary. Truth is, in life there are things that are necessary and one of these things is, getting education, getting married and getting established. Mind you, this is a mundane timeline that's considered to be a path of success or accomplishment but in most cases people often realise that isn't really fulfilling, there's nothing thrilling about this process and there's more to them than this.

Sometimes the things that brings fulfilment to people are often considered absurd to other people. This is because things like fulfilment, contentment and happiness often differs from one person to another. In life there's this pressure to often follow the path to alleged success, if not you'll be considered a failure that's why in most African setting, a male son is expected to grow up to inherit some particular responsibilities and failure to actually do this means one is utterly irresponsible no matter their excuses for this.

So happiness sometimes is often considered secondary because one's primary responsibility is to grow, get a job and continue the chain of life, when people try to deviate from this, it's often considered gross ineptitude. The society has pruned people to live like a limited specie and that's why sometimes we accept challenges that'll prove us to be accomplishers and achievers rather than grant us happiness. Thing is, we prefer making others happy than being happy ourselves and inasmuch as I consider this selflessness I believe it numbs us as time goes on.

In my society for example, the concept of love is secondary because people believe love don't pay the bills or raise a family. So a person can prefer to be married into wealth rather than choosing to wait for accomplishment, love, total happiness and longevity of relationships. People see marriage as means to have sex and to have children alone and that's why they don't have problems with divorcing their spouse when this mundane marital occurrences aren't totally met.

Without mincing words, seeking happiness makes you selfish and that's the only thing that's often seen or considered. Truth is, selfishness isn't cool and selflessness is divine however there are times we need to take charge of ourselves no matter how it'll affect the way other people see us. We aren't immortals and we've got a limited time on earth, but we have to satisfy our conscience and live right no matter what. People will hate us for not wanting to see or believe in the process of life however rules, perceptions, opinion and stances are meant to be broken and proven wrong. It's important to seek happiness in life no matter how selfish it seems we only need to understand or see the limit through which we can go.

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I believe Happiness and Fulfillment comes from within.It has nothing to do with Life around you but the storm or serenity within each one of us.

THanks for posting this thought provoking post my brother

Yes, it definitely comes from within but sometimes we only need to discover fulfillment in our daily quests and sometimes seeking fulfilment might seem selfish because it might make us give undivided attention which might be detrimental to our friends and family. Thanks a million for your comment sir.

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I always say this "happiness is a choice". I feel the only way to be happy is simply by not really caring about what others think.
I get that i have to be selfless but i also have to go back to my room without regrets.. Dope post..

In other news .. i have missed reading your posts.. its been 3 days