Undermining The Ability To Cope With "Good things" At The Wrong Time In Life

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Loss is the only thing that sometimes makes us reminiscence or appreciate the valuable things that life has given us in the past; howbeit we carelessly discard without giving it a second thought. I remembered being younger, driven and determined and only focused on one thing; success I figured i deserved no form of happiness, relaxation or pleasure, I considered all these things distractions to my life and it wasn't until I got older that I discovered that it wasn't distractions but life giving me a chance to be happy while I chased my goals.

You couldn't have blamed me much, but you see one thing is, a person doesn't crave the indulgence or miss the things they don't know. To me this was happiness, I saw other teenagers while I was growing had the best of most things; family, love, care and all but all these were alien to me and because of this I grew up not understand how these things feels. Truth is time is everything. The universe knows how to balance things especially when we've put in effort to experience positive change in our lives.

About five or four years ago, I had the chance to experience some of the things that I felt deprived of in my youthful years, but I willfully rejected this opportunity simply because I didn't understand it's essence in my life and simply because I felt that were distraction that could lead me off course. Sometimes we're often wrong in our assumptions especially when our perception of distractions is wrongfully defined. Everyone deserves pleasure, comfort and a time off irrespective of how things in their life are and this was something I didn't understand.

However i totally decline all those opportunities and fast forward to the present I feel I'm more accomplished, more matured and more ready but alas those doors of opportunity has closed for me. You see one thing about life is that it chooses when you surprise us, sometimes these surprises might be injurious or pleasant to us and which ever emotional state it choose to present us it hardly considers if we're ready or not and that's why sometimes some of the most tragic things happens to us and we question why the timing was terribly poor.

Truth is, don't be too scared of good things, don't feel you're not prepared for good things to happen to you because the certainty that it might happen again isn't there and that's life. It considers no one and that's why we have to everly accept good things irrespective of how early we think they are happening to us. Currently I feel prepared because I feel some of my goals has been met but I've totally been wrong. We can't handle more responsibilities than we think and ill trusting or undermining our abilities to do so is one of the biggest misconceptions.

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"The truth is that everything is time". No other truer words. As it comes you take it . Although different factors come into play in taking good things. The good things can be subjective . What you call good might be bad for the person. Anyways i am happy for your achievement bro. Touchy post..

Everything na time .. beans no dey cook forever Your time go come.. na cobhams talk am

Excellent comment there buddy, thanks for dropping by. You should post more, I'll drop by

Thanks thanks