Why I'm Still Learning from 15k Hive Power; Why You Shouldn't Stop Running The "Hive Race"

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So I saw a post written by @hiddenblade and it was one of the most enlightening post I've seen in a long time, truth is, even after spending two years plus here, building, interacting, blogging, curating and investing and on blockchain steem of what is now hive, I can't say I've been straight out successful but I can say my growth has been decent and steady and well. Reading @hiddenblade's post made me realise that one can't stop striving can't stop being innovative, creative or even stop building a brand, a niche, an audience and a finally becoming a mainstay.

Hitting 15k, Networking & Personal Experience

Truth is, I hit 15k hive power yesterday or so and about 8 weeks ago or thereabout when hive blockchain came into inception I had 11k hive power that was mirrored to me, that's about 4k HP in two months, truth is, it's painful and rigorous to grow and it's not been comfortable for me. I'll ask you to have a masterplan, a method through which you'd like to grow, make impact and be someone to reckon with. Contenting is kind but sadly good old engagement and networking is emperor. The reason why contenting isn't everything is because we have communities and these communities are diverse, having various goals and different plan on how to grow their goals and that of their members.

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Being Rich Or Not Being Rich?

One sad truth is that you need to be rich in other to become richer but being rich isn't the Only way to build and that's the beauty of the hive blockchain. However you need to give in other to take there's no two ways about it and having diversity in the manner through which you can give is something you'd do well to take advantage of. I know a content creator that's not fluent in English but she found a way around to give she became a community leader through the influence of ceaseless networking and she way she's become relevant at doing something like curating of which she actually loves.

In Love With Curating?

Believe me, it's not guns and roses over here and when you stop influencing at the highest level that's when you fall down the pecking order. In my cases curating is something I deem really important not just because I get rewarded from curating but because I love playing curation games and rewarding authors who I feel have the most flawless of content. Some of such user are
@spectrumecons and @lizanomadsoul, I won't say my votes are worth much but that sweet satisfaction I get from just changing their reward from maybe $1.20 at 3 minute to $1.28 or more brings a kind of good feeling.

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Expanding Beyond The Content?

@smasssh is one author that brings the humor and he defines it in such a unique way that'll leave you entertain. I'm a creative writer and I like it when I see creativity, @d-pend and @ericvancewalton are some of the best creative writers around however, it expands above the content into personality. I'll like to say people like @abh12345 and @theycallmedan does the well technical and stats kind of content and even of it's not really a niche I absorb well, it goes beyond the content and expands into their commitment and quality and influence and I follow them simply because of this. So what am I trying to say?

Sometimes we might find people who we share similarities with irrespective of the fact that their kind of content might not even be the type of content we absorb easily. @nonsowrites and @k-banti are my countrymen and there's this bond we share despite having difference in the kind of content we bring.

The Sheer Truth?

Be satisfied with how little you can go or get everyday, create long lasting bonds that exceeds beyond giving and taking vote it's important to understand that hive is a community and thrives on the concept of communalism it's a borderless community that thrives on innovation, creativity doggedness and a sense of purpose and uniqueness. Recently I lost 85% of my auto vote due to the hive.vote newest policy and even in a situation like this I'll need new innovations to get support and continue my progress


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What Matters Most?

I like to think growing my stake (hive power) matters more to me and this might be different from someone else's priorities and it doesn't really matter. Thing is, what matters more to you? Have you defined it? Can you go about it? What communities will help you define them?? What personalities? Is there something you can offer that might fasten it up? One thing I realise is, you need a plan. Hive is huge and without a plan you get lost doing everything but actually doing or achieving nothing. Don't be only a taker, take it into consideration and thrive. Cheers guys. @josediccus.

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My name is @Josediccus, a young Nigerian student who is a psychologist, poet, vlogger And Sports Writer/Analyst. I'm using my contents as a process to create shared meaning as well as create expressions through which people on/off hive can relate. I believe content is a process to be enjoyed and relished and I'm up for any collaborations in my field stated above. Cheers

@Josediccus, your brother in pen

I'm hoping to reach more people who are broken at heart and spirit, so share on any platform or rehive

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First of all congrats mah friend and yup, what so I have learned over the past, stopping is definitely not an option and overall thanks for the positive vibe. Helped me a little more to work for it.... Keep it going bro.

Thanks a whole lot Man, it's definitely not easy to keep striving, but stopping isn't an option either thanks a whole lot for your supports as well.

I think you're doing quite a good job man. For that reason your postrewards are decent and "justified" imho.
Can imagine you would like em have higher rewards, but truth is also: the more HP you have (in combination with consistently posting and engaging) the higher upvotes you get.
In my case I think I could higher rewards for my posts as well, IF I would post more often and engage more. With my daily work I earn far more than putting a lot of time and effort in posting. For the moment (and with my current HP) I'm satisfied with my curating rewards. Posting I do when I'm really in the mood and have enough time.

Anyway, I think you're on the right track sofar and growing steadily.
Thanks for the kind words and mention mate.

Take care.

Yeah I was wondering when you'd post more, you have quite the hive power and the resources to become bigger here you know and I'm thinking maybe soonest you'll post better content.
Thanks a lot for all your numerous supports, your content is something I flawlessly related with, cheers and I'm everly grateful.

Congratulations on hitting this milestone @josediccus! You've earned not only more Hive but loyal readers who are in engaged with what you're writing about. Great work and thank you for the mention.

Thanks a million Eric, you're one of the established and steadfast one's here and I've been your avid follower and your contents has influenced mine by all means. Cheers and you're welcome

My pleasure. I really appreciate it. Cheers to you!

Thanks for the mention and congrats on your new milestone. I must guve it to you, you have alot of patience. I haven't even been able to see my stake grow past 2k, i would easily achieve that but like you said our goals are different. Notwithstanding i hope this all pays off massively at the end for you, for all the scarifices youve made delaying gratification, i hope it works out for you

Well what do we know, we're living the risky life and crypto itself is a risk and at the end it boils down to risk really, I see life itself as a risk, my life I'm living is a risk but well. I have no choice but to choose risk. Thanks a lot Man I'm grateful for your comments

Congrats gee e no easy

Yeah, I swear down e no easy. Thanks man for the comment

great post man :) indeed, curation is really cool, I love distributing the rewards to other people as well with a bigger stake. Continual growth I think is key here, and fortunately we are all in a good position as early adopters of this technology

Curation for me is more than a blessing I see it as something that I'm addicted to and I hope to keep enjoying it and spreading my stake as much as possible. Thanks for following through and reading

Congrats on reaching 15K HP brother. I trust it has been an amazing journey so far and its all a result of your consistent effort. I really appreciate your support so far. Hoping to see more if it 😁. We'll celebrating 30K HP soon.

What can I say, thanks a lot Man it's been a long time coming, 30k? Lol that seems really huge but lol nothing is impossible. Hahshhhhhhh

I like that positivity 😉

@josediccus that's a good one. Shows how committed and dedicated you are to the community. That's the result. Keep the flag flying.

Thanks man, I'm following and will curate your contents

Thanks my brother. God bless

extraordinary post very beautiful and interesting Thank you brother! already shared

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