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RE: 🦢 Several Footers I Created For Hive Tribes & Dapps πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Free For All Hivers To Use 🎁 How To Make GIFs In GIMP Too

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ASEAN is an acronym used for Association of SouthEast Asian Nations, and technically India is South Asia, that is the only practical reason. I just wanted to make a special place for Southeast Asian content on Hive because I feel it's an underserved community.

I guess the westernmost Southeast Asian nation would be Myanmar, which does have some South Asian influence in the cuisine. Burmese dal and rotis are not as delicious as their South Asian counterparts though, unfortunately.

Do remember though, you don't need to be a Southeast Asian citizen or live in Southeast Asia to post in the ASEAN Hive Community though. Perhaps you know a good Thai restaurant in India, that would be a post that could easily fit into our community.

Thanks for stopping by @sanjeevm. !ENGAGE 10

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