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Heya Hivers,

Been some time I had done a Free Write. So today, the story continues from one I had done some time ago about a girl losing her mother and discovering her family secret. I have used two prompts from the last couple of days, Peals of Laughter n Demon.


It had been two weeks since her conversation with Aunty Norma. The first few days after, she avoided the room at all costs. Finally, when she had to step in, she stayed away from that corner. Today she stopped and sank into the chair her Aunt had left in an awkward position.

She felt she was in the middle of a snake pit, imagined them slithering, waiting to make eye contact so they could take the cue to dramatically jump at her and leave their venom in her veins. Did all the Protectors fall apart like she is with the big reveal? Sulene, the keeper of souls. Souls that she'd carry in an ugly, wretched pendant. A pendant she had hated all her life. A pendant that had a name - Anjou!

Scared Lil big Sulene, confused and in denial, crying for hours in the quiet before going numb and disinterested. Since her meltdown, she had avoided thinking. Her inner voice begged conversation, cancelled out by middle-aged men in lip-stick and bell-bottoms filling her head with high-pitched screeching melodies. Guns n Roses, Aerosmith on standby, ready to belt it out on shuffle.

Now, she allowed it to flood in. Where were those long-haired rockers screaming their lungs out when you need them? Her thoughts hovered on the conversation. Did Aunty Norma just come out of Hogwarts and decide they were no longer muggles. Where was this crazy story coming from? How is it possible that for 17 years, she had no clue that the family had lost their marbles except for her Mum's obsession with the pendant?

If she had been stalling to move out since Mum, then this would probably get her off and keep her out. The universities she had applied to had returned with answers her mother would have been proud of. Some with scholarships that she didn't need. Now, she had to choose and leave this madness behind. She took the pendant out of her pocket and held it tight. She had felt compelled to keep it close to her at all times. Now she contemplated getting rid of it once and for all. Yes, it probably was very expensive but what was the cost of hanging on to it and allowing it to feed on these delusional thoughts.

She got up and walked over to the window. Maybe she'd just see how far the weight against her strength would take it. A good time to test her Thai Boxing training. She starred at the Koi Fish pond thinking she should avoid that at all costs. Death of Koi Fish by Hideous Pendant would read the headlines. Why was everything so blurry at 3 in the afternoon... Right, because the tears were coming again. She suddenly felt a giggle rising up and broke into peals of laughter, which made her tear more.

How do you give away the most precious thing that belonged to that one person who meant everything to you? Sentimental and nostalgia teased each other as she remembered all the silly conversations over this piece of jewellery right up til the last one just 14 days ago.

Most times it centred around Sulene trying to convince Mum to get rid of it on the pretext to keep it safe. Mum always played along with some silly answer or other. Except for that one time so long ago. She had by chance watched some Victoria Secret models walk down the runway with wings of angels. They were wearing the most bejewelled non-clothes ever. She had really only wanted to get her Mother's sequined shawl when she entered her room and pretend she was decked in jewels. Instead, she spotted the pendant. Balancing on some pink salt, just the tip catching the reflection of the mirror.

She tiptoed to peer into the salt container. She first touched it with her pinky, almost expecting it to burn her finger. It was always a fanfare when it came to the pendant. Don't touch it regurgitated in so many different ways. She picked it up, but before she could even take one step back from the dresser to give her space to place the chain around her neck, Mum walked in and screamed as if she had seen a demon. She was so startled, she dropped the pendant right back into the salt.

Mum pulled her away roughly and held her tight, bursting into tears which made her cry too. She mumbled her Don't touch it as expected between the apologies of scaring the 5-year-old. That was the one and only time she had seen Mum freak and also the only time Sulene had shown any interest in it. Perhaps that incident initiated the hate she felt for the pendant. The hideously ugly taboo now belonged to her. Oh, joy!!

The End


The second-hand ticking, makes me type like a maniac, so I do get back into the FreeWrite after the 5 minutes is up and fix typo and grammar to make sense of the gibberish. In the process, I tend to add a little here and massage a little there. But that's why I love the Free Writes. No judgement 😉

Thank you for reading, and til next time Stay Safe & HiveFive

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Sounds like your "process" is similar to mine - I set the timer for 4:30, then spend as much time as I like proofreading it. I try not to change the story though, just clean it up.

Anyway - good story! I can see why she can't get rid of it for sure.

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Thank you for the prompt
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