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It is a herbivorous insect from the suborder Caelifera in the order Orthoptera. These insects have antennae that are almost always shorter than their body and also have a short ovipositor. The sound produced by some grasshopper species is usually produced by rubbing their rear femur against their forewings or abdomen (called stridulation), or by flapping their wings in flight. The hind femur is generally long and strong which is suitable for jumping.





Grasshoppers prefer open, valley areas with lots of grass and other low plants, although some other species live in forests or wilderness. Some others are on cliffs, soil, and rocks damp, mossy and consuming moss.

Many grasshopper species that live in the grasslands often attack nearby farmers' fields. An excess population of grasshoppers will be very detrimental to farmers if they attack crops in plantations.




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