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Hello guys.

Meet with me kesparasta on my blog
Discussing unique things and splitting any object so that we know what is in that object. As for our title this time is:

"What's inside - | Little Coconut Fruit |"

What is the shape of a Little Coconut?

** Small coconut looks **


The picture above is a young and small coconut that has just been picked, I am curious about what is in the young coconut, if the ideal coconut is eaten inside, of course it has delicious meat, but is it the same for the young coconut?

Previously, what was coconut?

Coconut is a towering plant with an upright trunk, it is one of the trees that all can be used. Starting from strong roots, stems for building poles, for anything else, the fruit is for eating, the water is very fresh The flesh can be processed into coconut milk to make food more delicious and also dried for oil as a raw material.
The leaves are also used for crafts or roofing in villages.

** Before Split **


** Once Split **






So to see the contents of the coconut, I also picked one, and I chose the young one. Why did I choose the young one. Because it's unique because it tastes like being able to know the contents of a coconut when I was young.
After splitting the fruit when he was very small and young he only had water that was quite fresh. But for the meat he was still very little .. almost nothing.
The diameter is of course still very small compared to coconuts that are fit for harvest.

However, it was enough to make me happy and surprised to see its young contents.
Quite can answer my curiosity.
Indeed, this blog answers what is the content of something that makes me curious about its content.


That's about it

Such is the “what's in?” Content this time.
Thanks for stopping by.
See you in the next post.
Sincerely @kesparasta


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