Keep moving

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This poem was written by me to help motivate one or two Souls out there. A friendly reminder that all storms will pass and light will be seen at the end of the tunnel.

The picture attached to the post was designed using canvas' app and the image used was gotten from All words were been written by me.

Enjoy the piece and support a newbie. I titled the piece;

Keep moving

Perfection is a dream for all
Unattainable yet longed for
The desire of a picture-perfect life
Is a norm that should not dwell on

The thirst to acquire the best of all
Is nothing more than a daydream
Because storms change a life course
And make you see value in little things

Of course, the good days will come,
With dark days lurking around
Have in mind that change is constant
And nothing stays the same forever

So when the storm sets in
Be strong and wear a lovely smile
Knowing that the sun is gonna shine
And then you could live your best life.

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