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RE: COVID should not be taken for granted

in OCD3 months ago

Really sad to hear about your uncle and your grandfather. The covid deaths and virus effect seems too much hyped unless someone you know gets affected by it.

And I feel that it is getting worse day by day. More people are getting affected, whereas less people are taking it seriously now.

My cousin is also infected. And through him, his whole family got infected. They are home quarantined. Recovering from the virus. Nothing too serious.

The thing that scares me the most is that no one knows what the long term effect of this virus is. I mean, what will happen in 2-3 years, if you fall ill again. Will our bodies fight against illness normally, or is the body weakened by the virus. What about life expectancy. Cigarettes decreases the life expectancy. And this virus affects the lungs in worse ways.

Hope someone comes up with a vaccine.


Yes indeed. I would say that the virus itself doesn't kill people do much. It is just the after effects. People with chronic conditions when admitted in hospital find it difficult to withstand the medication given by the hospitals and not the virus itself.

Except for the oxygen saturation part, I have heard stories that home remedies have shown better results even on people with chronic conditions. So, I don't know what to say. But it shouldn't be taken for granted and all precautions should be taken.

Stay strong brother. My wishes are with you!

Thanks bro. 🙂