Putting Yourself Out There?

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I've never set a new year's goal for myself in my whole life because they have never made sense to me, why wait until the new year to do something if I can start doing it now? Dates are just a social construct to keep track of the seasons after all right? I've been like that for most of my life and there's a small subset of the population that thinks just like me so I found comfort in that my view wasn't that radical, so I left that there.

But lately though, lately I've been yearning for some change, I've fallen into a routine that has been consuming me from the inside for years with no way out in sight. Thankfully I came across something interesting late last year. It came from a tweet that for some reason I can't find anymore but the gist of it was pretty simple. Instead of setting goals that you will probably drop by mid February, why not instead find a theme? So instead of chasing a hard goal set in stone, you set yourself a soft goal, a sort of "general objective" for the year.

So I decided to give myself a theme for this year, something to live by and help my grow in 2020 and beyond. I've decided to put myself out there more starting from right now... and since its not a hard goal, I can flexibly decide what it means, one day it could mean to actually attempt to share my content to my peers, i.e using Twitter. Another day it could mean to voice my opinion more often online or irl (something that my shyness has made imposible through out my life). Small victories in battles that I hand pick to win the war basically.

What do you think of this? Have you guys done something similar? What would you do more often to "put yourself out there"?

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I have tried something similar, but was not as serious about it at the time. Ultimately, I used the softness of the goal as a way to step away from it more and more each day. What I have considered is to choose a couple smaller sub-goals within the theme that I want to work toward so that I still have a bit more concrete of a target.

Interesting, I have thought a bit about that as well, having daily/weekly micro-goals instead of one huge goal should make it work.

Going to start doing the posh more often :-D


I’m not always the most social person myself as well. So just following someone with similar interests that you have that engages with a lot of people on Twitter can help you move forward. They also get further engagement and support from you and sometimes you find each other going back and forth. I had a 22k impressions in a single day this month just from doing that.

As far as sharing content goes. Find a place interested in the nitch you create content around. Outside of Twitter I also have a Steam curator group I run to post my content to. I might even join from time to time a games discord if they have it and see if there is a content creator channel to post into.

It really becomes getting outside of the Steem bubble. Twitter is great since they're so many of us there now. It’s also great as there are a lot more people than just people from Steem. I find myself mixing with both types.

It helps when you can find a group outside of your own bubble with all new people with maybe someone you already know in that group. There are some larger groups I engage with on Twitter that were the result of me already knowing someone in that group. Sometimes I get included in massive 12 people all getting a mention in a single Twitter. Other times I’m just jumping in even if I was not mentioned and engaging with everyone else there.


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