You're Missing Out on Community!

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Most of the world right now is still under painstaking quarantine, bored inside, probably working extra hours remotely or just plain doing nothing.

Well, no matter in which camp you find yourself right now - If you're not watching Community, a series that got recently added to Netflix, frankly, you're missing out on a lot!

This series was created by Dan Harmon, the creator of a now hyper-popular animated series now as Rick and Morty, you have probably heard about it. So if you enjoyed Rick and Morty, you would love Community!

But Lunatic, I didn't go to college how am I going to relate to these characters... well that's a great question you're asking there! The show is super relatable, and when it's not relatable to you, the fantastic cast still manages to make it an entertaining experience!

I'm not here to spoil the show to you,

I'm just here to tell you should go watch it as soon as you have free time from work and/or from learning during the quarantine.

(Assuming there's a world after the quarantine, but that's an entirely different can of worms, I am certainly not interested in opening up right now!

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I never realized Dan was behind that show too. I think I watched an episode way back when it was still on NBC but for whatever reason at the time I didn't get into it. Now that it's able to be binge watched I might enjoy it more.

Many friends have recommended this comedy to me.
Another series that goes on my waiting list. Time, I need more time to see everything I have accumulated.