What Does Hive Mean To Me? Better Networking!! || Better Exposure !! || Better Decentralization !!

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Hello Everyone 🐝🐝,

To the best of my knowledge this is the first hive blockchain Initiative sponsored Officially and I decided to join this ongoing contest for so many reasons which I will be sharing as time goes on in my write up today. I feel so honored to be part of this royal family of the hive blockchain community as one of the true hive follower in spirit and soul. I know so many moved to hive because they have no choice than to join but I moved to give categorically because it entails so many huge benefits associated with the brighter future of decentralization. When you talk of the original decentralization you talk of hive for now. We equally have the old decentralization which happen to the Steem but we have the new revolution now ( Hive Blockchain True Decentralization).

There are some few questions asked by @theycallmedan recently on this initiative which I would answer and simplify in my own native language.

  • What is Hive to you.

Hahaha. Wow, like you all know it is good to feel good when you are truly decentralized. I seek more from the hive blockchain community because hive means alot to me personally. Hive means Redistribution, Power to make decisions, collaboration, ability to lias with the community before making a decision on a particular situation)
Hive truly makes a difference when it comes to Original decentralization in the sense that it involves a lot of people's hardwork to make a successful blockchain not just a centralized situation. When you are in a community and you seek for people's intelligent, wisdom, opinions then you are decentralized. Hive is a true rebrand of steem community in several ways to recommend few. Better Networking platform. It is clearly seen that when hive is lunched as a decentralized blockchain platform it gives a wide range of formal and better Networking platform through communication skills and techniques, experience and knowledge wise.

What do you want to see Hive evolve into?

This is a great question again concerning the hive blockchain, to divert abit I already saw so many new evolvement on discord channel, the @bdcommunity has already made a great hive logo which I believe is part of this hive evolvement, the logo of the hive itself said it all, a sign of truly creativity knowledge in hive dev special thanks to @themarkymark for his great hardwork. So, Officially I will like to chip in some few things I think the hive need to consider and if possible evolve into it. I want the hive to please work on some more hive DApps, this will motivate more people to achieve their aim on hive blockchain. Talking of the rebrand names of Partiko, and more you can try more harder to create more soft but active DApps for hive. Yes we already have 9 DApps for hive , we need more exposure.

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What do you think about having a large funded DAO for future HIVE development?

Personally I will partially support this motion because if you sit down and look at what really to us on Steem it is based on this largely funded issue, @ned did the whole thing Steemit Inc and also backslide everyone again by selling it off to someone's else. I'm not equally interested in that anymore it a history now. So , I am not a software engineer, developer or something but the bottom line still stand firm. Let watch our back this second time so that we won't fall into bigger temptations ahead.

What does HIVE mean to you?

Like I said in my topic, hive means better Networking, Better Decentralization and also Better Exposure.

This three keys are what it means to me and I will like to solve it quick. When I mean.

  • Better Exposure : Yes, it gives the whole Community to think even beyond what we would have think of in an ordinary day, how? When steem community has it own way of Centralization, things changed and it gives everyone, the developers, engineers and the whole Hive team to over think on how the new Community will outshine the formal one.
  • Better Networking : Yes, you see so many people coming into Hive blockchain to improve on their Networking skills and techniques which will give raise to better opportunities for them

  • Better Decentralization: On this one, I will say Yes in the sense that it motivate myself to grow up more than when I was on Steem fully and also to give more encouragement to other people who tends to grow up decentralization.

This is my own contribution to the ongoing Contest Sponsored by @theycallmedan

Gracias 🦸🦸

Thanks for your time and for patiently reading my blog.


Avoid too much garthering. Stay Safe 🙏🙏

Your Farmer On Hive 🐝🐝


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Thanks so much ❤️💞

I'm still trying to find my place here but it's wonderful to see the success of Hive!

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