Angora cat given by a younger cousin

in OCD2 months ago


This is the cat promised by my younger cousin. He has several Angora cats, and given to me is an Angora kitten (female cat). We took this cat yesterday afternoon. We haven't given her a name yet, the cat is still a bit shy and she is reluctant to approach anyone she doesn't know. We put a necklace on her neck. As I write this post she has breakfast in the pavilion. She eats very well. There are several other native cats in this house, they don't get along with her. She was afraid of them, they were also afraid of her.

Maybe other cats are jealous of her, because we treat her specifically. That is the behavior of cats. I like cats more deeply after reading novels by Doris and Murakami. I think cats are animals that are easy to care for and maintain. Unlike dogs, dogs are noisy animals, they like to sound loud; barking. My sister number 2 wants to name this cat Momo. But I think a name like that is not suitable for female cats. Do Hiveans friends like cats too? Do you have cats too?