Feeling Nostalgic? Watch a Movie

in OCD11 months ago (edited)


Recently i have been missing the feeling of been in school and getting the chance to hangout with friends and all. It has been about three months or so since schools were abruptly closed and we had to leave hurriedly to our homes without much chance of even saying goodbye to our friends and loved ones. Most of us were of the idea that this thing was going to last for some few weeks and we would be asked back shortly. If only we knew, 3 months down the line the closest we have had to feeling the presence of a friend or a loved one is via zoom and we are still unsure as to what will happen next in the future.

Am sharing this because i know lots of us probably share in my sentiment and have this feeling still going on, some have found ways around and others still looking for ways around, but here is what i do. I watch movies: lol. It is probably not the most healthiest of habits but it is indeed a fun way to spend the time missing friends. Well i don't only watch movies, i learn for the next semester, i rehearse on the keyboard, i write some song etc. But I love watching movies more.

I am currently compiling a download of all the Avengers Franchise and the stand alone that are intertwined and a list of Tyler Perry's Madea Movies. It is fun and for those that do not have much any hobbies to occupy them. I recommend watching any movies that falls in these categories and i know you will love it.

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