Mini Meetup With My Mentors

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Hello everyone,

Hope we all having a wonderful time and staying safe and at home, well for those of us who do not really have to go out, the protocol says stay at home.


But after a long stay at home and be cut physically from all my friends for a while i finally got the opportunity to go out today to not only have some fun and a breath of air but also got the opportunity to learn once again from two of my mentors who introduced me to the blockchain. Two years ago, i met @mcsamm and @anaman during on of the Ghanaian community meetups and as my curiosity drove me closer to making enquiries i ended up on the blockchain after i was taken through basic tutorials. Two years down the line i have become a fully independent writer now and irrespective they are still my mentors because day in day out i learn something new from them.


if you do not have a mentor on the blockchain please get yourself one.


Ok so today i actually spent the greater portion of my day with these two amazing people, who took me through some basic lessons in forex, we also got to talk about my future on the blockchain with the advent of the hive blockchain and the need for me to be more active now more than ever. We also delibrated on how we can revive our community to be more stronger now more than ever by encouraging all those who stopped posting to come back and to get ourself a niche of a Ghanaian community. Perhaps we could even seek delegations if the community grows and we are able to get more people onboard through promo actions.



The other half of the time which were not spent in deliberations and learning was spent on shopping and eating. Actually we all had to leave home early to the point of assembly and so we forgot to take breakfast but we manage to secure for ourselves the local dish, "fufu" before we proceeded with the meeting after which we did some shopping which mostly comprised buying the special bread which can only be found at the Mall. The Kumasi City Mall since its opening has gained lots of reputation one of which is its bread, you may not believe it but people actually drove from their homes for this bread is amazing, Shoprite is doing great, and although the general population that visit the place has reduced drastically it is still evident they are helping fight the virus by helping to enforce the wearing of the mask and social distancing protocols.



Anyway, today was an exciting and a great day for because i got to go out twice again within the week, since the advent of the pandemic i could not go out at all and then with the lift of the partial lock down, i could only go out once a week to intern at the clinic and to get provisions for the family in addition. I always used this opportunity to write my @marketfriday post by @dswigle, so you would understand my excitement.


I am looking forward to a much bigger meetups with the rest of the Ghanaian community members after corona settle down a bit more and then we would see what things can hold for us, until then, stay safe, take safety precautions in all that you do, not forgetting your nose mask and frequent application of your hand sanitizer and have a wonderful weekend ahead.


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everyone wearing mask :D makes me happy. responsible people. unlike the government where im at.....

lol, maybe the people are not scared anymore?

but thats the scary part. in my country i dont even see people coughing properly in their elbow but rather having the elbow 20cm away from the mouth...

That is serious, am thinking public education was not done right?

the government just believes that masks are not a necessary precaution. people are still hand washing and all. there are daily only around 50 new infections in the country (among 5m population), but we freshly reopened. im just waiting for the cases to spike back up...

Interesting maybe they have some scientific backing for what they are doing although am not sure what that is since even WHO recommends we use the masks. Either way I hope they have not banned anyone from putting it one thought, because knowing what is happening out there if I were you I wouldn’t mind the government on this, after all is ruled by people and they can be wrong sometimes

ye im wearing the mask anyway... and im getting wierd looks for doing so... technically there is a mask ban in this country, but i think this is just to discriminate against muslims...

oh really that is bad? I can imagine how you feel wearing the mask and having weird looks, initially that was what was happening here until the government stepped in and decided to put drastic measures and policies in place. Currently you will be arrested if you go to a public place without one

It has always been a blast whenever we meet. The blockchain has indeed given us a wonderful family to share. Thanks, bro @nattybongo

Thanks for the love and the guidance always, it has been a privilege

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@nattybongo: You didn't even put #MarketFriday in the tag!!!!! Even if you mentioned me, I would have no way of finding it the way you have it. You didn't even tag it right. You put @marketfriday.

I am not sure what community you are posting from?

I am glad you have met up with Sam!! @macsamm He is one of my favorite Ghanaians and is an awesome supporter. You picked a great person to be mentored by. We also have ShopRite here and it looks like the same logo, so it is probably the same chain. How cool is that?

I am happy to see the social distancing and the face masks and sanitizer! We are going to beat this thing!!

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@dswigle I will be making my market Friday post, I was just telling the people about how cool market Friday’s are and the fact that I got to go out once a week and I always used the opportunity to write my Market Friday posts. So please stay tune for my Market Friday post☺️.

Thanks for the love always

Oh, that is awesome! I thought it was a great #MarketFriday post! You know you are allowed to be different!

Thanks again! Have a great day! MarketFriday is scheduled to publish 1201 EST - so one hour!


You have nothing to worry about my Market Friday post will be great too, will be showing another place with a weird name. Ouch spoiler alert😂

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HAH wow, you guys have nicer grocery stores now than we do in America :D and more items lol, what a crazy world were in now LOL

hah its ok tho we will soon get some investment for hive again, and fill these reward pools,.a md create wallets for all citizens, so 30 million + user blockchains will be needed, and we can plan for it now that we have learned so much

That will be amazing, a great future awaits us then. Lol, did you say the grocery stores are nicer than what you have over there in the states? I guess we are indeed developing, i wish the store owners could see this comment they would so flattered