My journey and experience in Istanbul


I was traveling from Malta to Istanbul. I had a very pleasant flight, the plane belonged to Turkish Airlines. Upon landing in Istanbul I saw a very beautiful view, Below me was a big city, as it was called Constantinople


After a rest at the hotel, with a very comfortable interior and staff, I went with my friends for a city tour. The first destination I wanted to see was Hagia Sophia


Hagia Sophia from 537 to 1453 served as the Orthodox congregational church. After 1453 it became a mosque until 1931. It was then secularized and opened as a museum. 1935 It was the largest cathedral for almost 1000 years.
It is especially known for its large dome, considered the embodiment of Byzantine architecture. It remains the largest Christian church in the world.

it's amazing to be in there




The mosaics and murals in its interior have been tarnished and reconstructed several times throughout its history. During the period of iconoclasts in the seventh century, the worship of images and idols was forbidden. During the reign of several iconoclast emperors, most mosaics depicting man were destroyed, and icons were removed. This reconstruction continued during the Ottoman rule.




Believers who visit the old city center of Istanbul are most often praying in the Blue Mosque, located across from Hagia Sophia. It is also possible to pray in Hagia Sophia, at the time of prayer, as part of the museum is reserved for this purpose only. There is a separate entrance for believers in Hagia Sophia, and it is located in the Byzantine cemetery. Although prayers are possible in Hagia Sophia, we are still reminded that she is primarily a museum, and this is not her main purpose. This makes prayers far more enjoyable in one of the many mosques nearby.

The photo shows the Blue Mosque.


In the next blog, we go to visit the Blue Mosque and find out about it.
I love other people's experiences to read, that's why I'm sharing this with you :)