A Visit to a Mystical Waterfall in Hilo Hawaii

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After a Drive from Kona to Hilo

I didn't know this at the time, but the waterfall that we were going to visit is actually called "Rainbow Falls". When we went, it was with a friend who lived there who was just showing us around the island! It was a short hike through the woods before it opened up to this:


It was incredibly misty that morning, hence the foggy photo. The view was still impressive, nonetheless!


We actually took this trip several years ago but I only just now came across the images. In fact, I had almost forgotten this part of our trip because we did so many things while in Hawaii.


I have come to the conclusion that Hawaii is the most chill and relaxing place that you could possibly go while still being in the United States. In fact, while you are there, you don't even feel like you are in the US anymore. Pretty much everything is different from life in the rest of the states. Everyone is in a much more relaxed state of mind which they call living in Island Time.


It is super easy to get pulled into this lifestyle. Some say it is caused by the "Vog", which stands for Volcanic Smog.


Aren't those trees amazing? I can't believe the size of them. They appear to be a giant mass of vines formed into the shape of a tree.


Of course, being me, I could not resist climbing that bad boy. Too many things to grab.


On the way out of town, we stopped in the market and I came across this frog purse oddity. I don't know why, but I found it particularly disturbing! I think I'll keep my $25.


It's been nearly 20 years ago I last visited Hawaii. It was always a nice getaway in January from the grim cold in Alberta (and working mostly outside on the Railway) - so I went from minus 15 F to plus 80 F. Arriving in a thick Beaver Coat at the Honolulu airport. Once there, I didn't want to leave!
Seen a lot of things there at the International Marketplace (mostly Chinese vendors), but never seen those "Kermit" purses. They would have freaked me out also.
BTW - you are one of the few Mainland US that liked the "relaxed" atmosphere there (most I encountered got impatient with "Hawaiian Time").


I probably would have felt differently about 'Hawaiian Time' had I been in my early 20s. But as I get older, I seriously grow to appreciate a more relaxed atmosphere.

That photo is great! I love the epic mustache. hehe

Time flies - not sure what year, but for some reason when in Hawaii, the most I had was the mustache, other times clean shaven. Whereas in Canada (and even now) a full beard.

Perhaps it was too hot for the beard! I imagine Canada is a great place to have a good beard. I haven't been there, but I always imagine it to get pretty cold.

That big tree looks like it was as old as the island itself Sir @nuthman

The waterfalls looks like it is hard to access because it has no beach. How I long to visit such place but it is not possible now. :(

I had seen such Toad purse before, it is just looking yucky for me >o<

Yeah it is pretty gross!

I would not be surprised if the tree were as old as the island. These islands are constantly changing because of the volcanoes. I think that would make me a little bit nervous to live there long term!

waterfall is looking so refreshing and trees are so gigantic. I have never seen such trees before.

That was a first time for me as well. They are quite unique looking.

Wow, that is pretty beautiful! I want to get to Hawaii at one point in my life. It will probably be quite some time before I get on a plane again. At least for now. That frog purse is totally disturbing. I wouldn't even pay $1 for that thing!

I know, right? I wouldn't want it in my house. It seems wrong on so many levels.

Hawaii is an amazing, beautiful place. I'd definitely go if you get a chance. I don't know how to explain it, but there is something 'spiritual' about it. People say it's the vog, which is slang for volcanic smog. After you are there for a few days, you become totally chill.. But it isn't just because you're on vacation, it is something about the air. Like it is sedating you! In a good way, though.


Wow look at that tree! Amazing! A misty place has a certain charm, I loved the pics. Hmm the frog purse is quite cute haha. It would have been a great thing to add the sound of frog singing everytime one would open it up🐸🎶😂

Yeah, it has a magical feeling to it. Yes, that frog purse was pretty weird! The sound effect would definitely add the extra touch of surrealness.

Surreal frog. Hmm sounds artistic😂

Incredibly beautiful and those trees are amazing

They are pretty wild.. I couldn't believe how big and gnarly they are!