The Amazing Outdoor Minack Theatre: Porthcurno, Penzance Cornwall UK

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Carved right out of the side of a cliff in Cornwall

The Minack Theatre is an absolute marvel to experience and an even better location to enjoy some incredible live shows.

Sadly we came for a visit at a time of year when the location was down for repairs as well as out of season for performances. However, we were still allowed to go out and take several pictures as well as admire the surroundings. The ocean view from the stone bleachers is absolutely breathtaking. Along the coastline are scattered beaches with endless cliffs that have clearly taken a good beating from the waves over the years.

View from the top of the bleachers

Amanda had mentioned this place to me several times over the years but it was kind of hard to picture without actually seeing it. These photos are a few years old from a previous trip to to England to visit her parents. I suppose that I'm writing this post to remind myself that we need to go back and actually watch a play!

You can just see some folks chilling out on the beaches

On arrival at the theatre location, the first thing that you see is the gates and the Minack house. As you can see, it was very foggy and actually sprinkling when we arrived. I remember being a bit dubious about the whole thing to start with.



There is a great little restaurant with an ocean view where we stopped to eat before going outside. On the upside, while we were eating the fog started to clear up a bit, as well as the rain.


In fact, the sun came out and it turned out to be a pretty nice day. I will say though that the air was quite crisp! I remember Amanda shivering pretty much the whole morning until it warmed up a bit.



The history of the theatre is quite interesting as well. You should follow the link to learn more about it, as I will probably mess it up if I attempt to recall the details. All I can say is, wow, what an undertaking!



The garden is actually quite nice as well. The caretakers have obviously put a lot of though into the design as well as the plants that were chosen to decorate the venue.



My hope is that this post has inspired you to visit or at least learn more about this awesome spot.


Yeah, I know. I look really miserable! I am actually having a good time but I think that I was annoyed about something or another. This was before I began my quest to start seeing the bright side of things, but that is another story.





This is the kind of place that I would actually fly to England specifically to see - but make sure it is a warm time of year and that there are some shows going!



We are hoping to spend some time in the UK next summer and the Minack is certainly on our list of places to go. Please be sure to visit their site in order to check out the performance schedule.

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Beautiful landscapes and this "old" atmosphere that they have is quite interesting.

Indeed, I've never visiting any place quite like it.

This is really a gorgeous spot, worthy to explore...I never saw this spot before, thanks for sharing this astounding place with us...

Thanks! I would recommend a visit if ever in Cornwall.

I will try definitely...

There are no shows on that Theater anymore because the show was the Theater itself Sir @nuthman
Quite a good spot to visit although I might take some warm clothes too because of your description of the place :D

Yeah, I think if we go to see a show, we might bring some blankets with us. Especially if it is windy!

Hi @nuthman, It is a place that just looking at it inspires us to take the adventure of visiting it, thanks for sharing.

Thanks! And thank you for stopping in.

I was there many years ago. We saw a production of Macbeth. There were some guys fishing on the rocks who got a cheer when they caught something. I recommend having a cushion as the seats are not comfortable. Expect to take a while to get out down the lane, but then Cornwall is mostly narrow roads.

How cool! I am hoping to actually see a show on our next visit. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the seats. Thanks for the advise on the cushions!

Wow it looks so good! Can you imagine all the hard work behind such a construction?

I know, right? When I was there I ready a bit about all the work that went into it over a long period of time. The owner was really dedicated to the project.

The amazing power of human skills and the vision.. To last and leave a memory for future generations. Trully admirable

That is an amazing place! That is too bad that it was kind of shut down when you went. It reminds me of my buddy who went on his honeymoon to the Smokey Mountains, but there was a government shutdown and they couldn't go into any of the National Parks. It was a real bummer for them :P These pictures are awesome!

Aw, yeah that sucks! I remember the shutdown was happening when we were visiting Joshua tree a while back. Some dude was taking a dump on the ground next to the bathrooms because it was all shut down. They hadn't closed the park yet, but there was no facilities or employees so people were making a mess. Kinda sad they behaved this way, really.

Wow, that is pretty horrible!

after this COVID-19 crisis, I hope I can find a job and earn some money to travel to visit this place.